Haswell MacBook Air vs. Pro wait for performance

By Peter Chubb - Sep 8, 2013

When Apple released the Haswell powered MacBook Air many of us were shocked that the Pro had been left out, although this could have been a good thing. We say this because there is a reason to believe an even faster version has been set aside for use in the MacBook Pro late 2013 refresh.

There would have been some of you eager to have a Haswell powered Mac OS X device, and felt the need to purchase a new MacBook Air several months ago. However, for those looking for even better performance they would have found themself playing the waiting game for the improved Pro.

So many of you will be faced with the dilemma of purchasing a Haswell MacBook Air, a current Ivy Bridge Pro or waiting for the new Pro in a month or so. It is so hard to give you the right advice because we do not know what you will be using your Mac for.

However, we can try to give you some guidance. If you are a student and only need it for course work then you should just go for the new MacBook Air, not only will this be good enough, but it will save you several hundred dollars in the process as well.

The world still awaits the Haswell powered MacBook Pro

The world still awaits the Haswell powered MacBook Pro

On the other hand, if you are a video editor then we would suggest holding out for the Haswell MacBook Pro with Retina display. You can still do enough on the Air, but it would be better to have that extra performance when needed.

There will be some of you wondering why on earth people would go and purchase an Ivy Bridge MacBook Pro now considering the Haswell model is rumored to be released next month alongside Mavericks. But when you see current savings of several hundred dollars many consumers would rather have that extra money in their pockets rather than increased performance and battery life, but where do you stand?

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  • Marcus

    I’ve been doing the waiting game for MacBook Pro Retina Haswell since the Airs were announced in June.
    And a lot of my friends have been waiting also.
    And Apple, if you’re reading this, we don’t care how much you discount the current models, no one wants to buy last years technology, we’re not idiots.

  • SimonB

    I don’t normally rant but… ” If you are a student and only need it for course work then you should just go for the new MacBook Air, not only will this be good enough…” Oh what a massive generalisation! Oh, and it will be cheaper….

    Please, report the news, report gossip, and by all means speculate. But please do not advise consumers on product A which exists, against product B which is yet to be announced, based on speculation. When B arrives, you will have pissed them off, and will look stupid. Report, don’t guess!

    • Quiet observer

      Something tells me you do normally rant.. If I had to guess.


      This is a totally appropriate speculation. I’m no blogger but I am a video editor and would say the same thing. A new Macbook Air is fast enough for any consumery task, even prosumer video editing. So yeah, an Air would do it for a student… an iPad would probably do it too.

  • Megan F. O’Gorman

    Haswell release of the MacBook should be the end of next month, I too am waiting for the Haswell MacBook Pro and sincerely hope the dedicated graphics chip has had a boost, I highly doubt the processor performance gain will be anything special over the IvyBridge, but the battery life should sure as hell be an improvement. If I can get a happy 8-12 hours of MacBook Pro battery life whilst chucking in a decent amount of heavy tasking, I will be very happy!

  • Caleb H

    This is the exact condition i’m in! I need portability as I need a laptop for everyday school use, but if I’m putting that much into a pc, I want to replace my desktop with it, so I will need some extra power. I am most likely aiming at the Retina 13″, but how long would it be till the haswell release. Would it mean at least a few months, since it hasn’t been previewed or anything?