GTA V countdown frenzy

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 8, 2013

The Grand Theft Auto V countdown started a long time ago for the most dedicated fans, but now that we are just over a week away from its release date it seems we’ve reached what could be called a GTA V countdown frenzy.

Everywhere we look you can find different methods of watching a clock countdown to GTA V, and this includes an online timer, a desktop widget, apps and even Facebook pages setup for the sole purpose of counting down to the midnight launch.

To say we are excited over the GTA V launch would be a major understatement, and any fan of the franchise will understand exactly what we are feeling right now after seeing the next game in development for so long. Even if you haven’t played a game from this franchise before, GTA V is highly recommended if you love open-world games and at the required age to play.

GTA 5 guns and ammo store

GTA 5 guns and ammo store

You will find a few countdown apps on both Android and iOS, which includes this one found on iTunes named Countdown – GTA V Edition. The majority of people love this app thanks to its simplicity and fact that it does what they want, and that’s countdown to the GTA V release date.

There is a number of Facebook pages setup for the purpose of counting down to launch and they update with news and different timers. There’s even a desktop clock that counts down to GTA V, although you need to install some fonts that are explained here.

Flying around GTA 5 will be one way to avoid police

Flying around GTA 5 will be one way to avoid police

We have also embedded a GTA V midnight launch countdown timer below that is set to United States Pacific Time. There will be a number of stores across the UK and USA opening at midnight for the September 17 release.

Have you installed a GTA V countdown clock or another timer method leading up to the launch in 8 days time? It is clear that a few million gamers have gone countdown crazy for this game, and in a few days time we all get to see if it’s been worth it.

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