FIFA 14 demo release time for PS3, PC and Xbox 360

It is that time again for FIFA fans, as the world prepares for the highly anticipated FIFA 14 demo release time. The demo doesn’t release until Tuesday, but we now have a potential heads-up for you in relation to set release times based on EA’s trends last year.

You may not realize, but EA is going to be releasing the demo for FIFA 14 exactly one year apart from the FIFA 13 demo. We provided a similar heads-up last year as you’ll see in our article 12 months ago, which confirmed set release times for the demo release time on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

One year ago, it was PC users who received the demo first, as EA confirmed that the demo would be available to download at 9am UK time. Xbox 360 users were next to receive the demo, with EA revealing it would appear on the Live Marketplace between 10am and 2pm.

PS3 users definitely had the short end of the stick last year, as the demo only became available 12 hours later than Xbox 360, with a release time of 10pm-2am on the Tuesday evening.

Just try and stop this guy..
Just try and stop this guy..

Remember that these are the set release times for the FIFA 13 demo last year. Considering that EA are following a pattern in releasing the FIFA 14 demo exactly one year apart, we could see similar release times for the demo on Tuesday.

Hopefully EA will confirm their times later on Monday, but like we said this is just a heads-up for you to show you the trends from last year. Let’s hope that PS3 users won’t have to endure another painful wait compared to other platforms.

Are you patiently waiting for the FIFA 14 demo release time? Which teams are you hoping to play as in the preview? Don’t forget to check out the ongoing debates regarding the FIFA 14 player ratings for Luis Suarez and Gareth Bale.



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