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Canon PowerShot G16 preview

If you are looking to upgrade your camera then the Canon PowerShot G16 could be just what you are looking for because of its bold claim of bringing a new level of image quality. This does not include all cameras, just those from the G-series because of its improved features.

We have already looked at the Canon PowerShot G16 specs, but thought you would want to know a little more ahead of its release, and so we have included a Canon PowerShot G16 preview video for you to view below.

Many of the G15 specs have been improved on, such as the new 12.1-megapixel CMOS sensor and that very impressive DIGIC 6 processor. While it is all good talking about what technology is packed inside the new model, we cannot wait to see some of the first Canon PowerShot G16 sample photos to give us a better idea of what improvements have been made.

On paper it would seem the G16 will outperform the G15, and all from a camera that is smaller in size that its predecessors. However, it is still heavy in the hand when compared to rival models and so could put a few buyers off.

Canon PowerShot G16 focus is on its image quality
Canon PowerShot G16 focus is on its image quality

Having said that, because it comes packing so much more features than most compacts out there, the extra bulk seems like a decent trade-off. There’s an earlier Canon PowerShot G16 review from Pocket-Lint after they got their hands on it for a few minutes last month. However, we still cannot draw our own conclusions until a more in-depth review has been done.

Apart from the size there is something else that could put potential buyers off, and that is the Canon PowerShot G16 price in the UK, which is £529. Do you think you would pay that price?



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