Rolls-Royce push India with Phantom, Ghost and Wraith

Rolls-Royce India is having a huge push in the region and as such has been making huge strides in the industry, which does seem strange considering this to be such a luxury brand. We say this because with the global economy still in recovery you would have assumed the likes of Rolls-Royce would be suffering.

However, with India being a developing market companies are taking huge advantage of this, and so with the new Rolls-Royce push in India vehicles such as the Phantom, Ghost and Wraith will be in huge demand. In order to achieve this they have opened a fourth showroom in the country.

The original showroom in India is not the largest of spaces, but they do not need to be with the age of computers, offering you the ability to see a great deal of a car like never before.

However, there is still enough room for 2 Rolls Royce vehicles, along with a customized lounge where customers will be able to look over their Phantom, Ghost and Wraith and fully customize them.

It’s a completely different story with the new showroom because there will be enough room to cater for all the models, including those three mentioned above. The success of Rolls Royce in India does not stop there because OnCars reports Rolls Royce is set to open their fifth showroom next month.

We are certain because the tastes in India are very different to those in other parts of the world we will see some bespoke Rolls Royces, but not certain we will see some of those bold, vivid colors, although it would be nice to see.



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