Nexus 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S5 new concepts

By Peter Chubb - Sep 7, 2013

With new Nexus 5 and Galaxy S5 concepts being released on a weekly basis, we thought it was about time we looked at another couple, but we are more interested in the former handset because we believe it could be released first – well so all the rumors suggest.

Having already explained that the Nexus 5 could be skipped by LG this year and that Motorola were working on a new Nexus 4 2013 model, a recent sighting seems to disprove this. If we are to believe this recent leak then the Nexus 5 will not be based on the LG G2.

Gong back to that leaked image, we have come across a concept render (see here) of the Nexus 5 based on it to give you a clearer look at what it could look like clearly.

It does seem to resemble the Nexus 4 very closely and so another reason why this could actually be the Nexus 4 version 2 instead. One thing is clear though, it does look as though LG is still behind the next Nexus device, just hope they do a better job at stock control and also making accessories available from the start, or several week after release.

If we were to put that Nexus 5 concept up against the Samsung Galaxy S5 concept then we’d be hard pushed to choose a winner, but there will be some Samsung fans who are not convinced about those round corners, and does not show the radical design we expect to see next year.

Yet another Samsung Galaxy S5 concept to add to the ever growing list.

Yet another Samsung Galaxy S5 concept to add to the ever growing list.

According to the source of the S5 concept this could be loosely based on the LG G2, although we highly doubt that for one moment. The reason we say this is because Samsung will need to come up with something very radical, such as a metal or carbon fiber, or even a folding design which we have discussed in the past.

Looking over both concepts, which of the two do you believe has the edge if these were to be the final designs, although we highly doubt it?

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  • Riddlemethis

    I hope the nexus 5 will be better. However it might be hard now that there is the vanilla version of Samsung galaxy 4.

  • ScareCorp Media

    It’s very hard to imagine the Galaxy line changing design anytime soon. I think that it will look the same for at least one or two iterations longer. And it’s even harder to see them going metal as they would lose their edge with removable batteries and sd cards. If they do want to change their design i sooner see them coming out with a new model name along side the galaxy line.

    • Riddlemethis

      Why can’t Samsung keep the external battery and SD card with a new style of case?

      • ScareCorp Media

        What was the last time you seen a remv batt or sd with a metal or glass back, no one has figured this out yet. They are all plastic the closest i seen is note3 with a leather looking back but still plastic underneath.

        • chantie

          HTC made the mytouch4g a few years ago now and it had a removable battery, sd card slot, and a metal backing. So it’s completely doable

        • harisr

          The difference with that is that the MyTouch 4G only had a metal battery cover, the rest of the phone was plastic as well (aside from the silver strip). Here we’re talking something like the HTC One, fully aluminum.