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iPad 5 crucial weight loss

It was an easy choice for some people when choosing between the iPad mini and larger 10-inch model last year, but things will change when Apple’s iPad 5 launches at a yet to be announced event in October. The main reason for this is thanks to leaked iPad 5 parts revealing a lighter weight and thinner profile.

This will mean the iPad 5 is likely to feature a weight around 30 percent lighter than the iPad 4, and a thinner profile not far away from iPad mini’s slim design.

A lot of tablet buyers went for iPad mini last year for a more portable device that is easier to hold. We have reviewed every generation of iPad, and a big change took place between the first and second generation.

Since then the external design and weight has stayed pretty much the same, and this means a tablet that can feel pretty heavy after using for a while playing certain games or performing other tasks.

The aching didn’t happen with iPad mini thanks to a lot lighter design, so this is one reason why iPad mini become really popular over the last year. There are a lot of other reasons why a lighter tablet is a good idea, although we are sure some of Product Reviews readers have their own reasons.

iPad 5 crucial weight loss – it is all change when the 5th generation iPad releases, which will not only mean improved specs but also features to create a noticeable weight difference.

If you want to understand how much has changed externally, then you can see the iPad 5 next to an iPad mini 2 in this hands-on video with a device made from leaked components. We should stress that this is not an official finished product, but rather what is expected from leaks and sources inside the supply chain.

Bottom-line: you can expect the 10-inch iPad 5 to be a lot lighter and thinner, but how important is this weight loss to you? Will the iPad 5 appeal more to you thanks to becoming thinner and lighter? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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