2013 Apple TV update focusing on software

There will be no 2013 Apple TV update in terms of hardware if the latest rumors are correct, and instead you can look forward to a software refresh if you currently own one of the devices. This might seem like a better idea that most would believe, although that would depend on what is included in the new software.

Apple’s little black box is an impressive tool if you take full advantage of all its features and thanks to owning a number of these in our home and office, we understand how valuable this tool is for convenient access to movies, TV shows through Hulu, photos and even a live video stream for Apple’s September 10, 2013 announcement keynote.

2013 Apple TV update focusing on software – it would have been cool to see some new hardware that targeted improvements to deliver native apps, but this was more of a dream for some people rather than reality.

Instead people “familiar with Apple’s plans” state that there will be no new hardware. We have seen a number of Apple TV software updates over the last year and you will see new apps on the home screen appearing, but it seems Apple has more to offer.

The new Apple TV update should bring iTunes Radio support, ability to purchase iTunes music on the little black box, and even a conference mode for academic and business situations.

What other new features would you like to see in a future Apple TV software update? Are you disappointment there is no new hardware? Let us know in the comments.



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