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PS Vita solution for Rayman Legends content

Earlier this week, we told you the somewhat shocking news that the PS Vita version of Rayman Legends had shipped with missing content. Ubisoft has left out the popular ‘Invasion’ mode out of the game leaving fans very disappointed in the process.

However, we now bring a much needed update from Ubisoft and it is great news. The developer has written on their official blog, confirming that there will be a definitive solution to the issue. They have said that the missing Invasion missions will be added in as a patch later after release – and that it will be a free download!

Obviously fans are upset that it won’t be available at launch, but at least Ubisoft are doing the right thing in making it available for free – charging a price for it would have been unthinkable. With the good news there to see for all, we still notice however though, that some are wondering if this had been Ubisoft’s motive all along.

Did they only just decide to make this move now after seeing the negative response, or did they plan to patch the missing content in post-release anyway? As for a reasoning behind the cut content, Ubisoft has said that it was all down to timing and that they couldn’t put it in before the game launches.

Great news. Let the madness continue
Great news. Let the madness continue

At the end of the day, we think it is great that Ubisoft solved the problem almost instantly. We can see that most fans are very happy with the outcome now and that lots more orders are going to be made after hearing that the missing content will return.

Rayman Origins was amazing on the PS Vita, but it looks like Rayman Legends is easily going to top it. Let us know your reaction to the good news.



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