iPhone 6 6-inch phone could dominate 2014

By Alan Ng - Sep 6, 2013

With everyone braced for the arrival of the glorious iPhone 5S this month during Apple’s September 10 event, there doesn’t appear to be too much debate on the new display size that the iPhone 5S will feature. Consumers are expecting to see an upgraded device, but with the same 4-inch that is currently featured on the iPhone.

With this in mind, you’ll be interested to hear that there are fresh rumors surfacing this week, suggesting that Apple are already making plans internally to increase iPhone display sizes to 6-inches. We know that an iPhone 6 will now likely come next year, so it would be an amazing marketing incentive if Apple could unleash the iPhone 6 onto the public with a slick 6-inch display.

These are no mere rumors either, since the origin of the claims come directly from the Wall Street Journal who are treating this as fact.

They have added that Apple are already in testing with the bigger screens and that the company could be planning to offer an entire ‘family of screen sizes’ to cater to varied public tastes.

Is a 6-inch iPhone perfect for you?

Is a 6-inch iPhone perfect for you?

Is there perhaps a danger though that a 6-inch iPhone is slightly too big? Many consumers are already satisfied with the current form factor for the 4-inch iPhone 5, but then again – there’s also the Galaxy Note space that Apple are probably bloodthirsty to tap into.

Imagine this time next year, having the option of choosing between a 4-inch, 5-inch and a whopping 6-inch iPhone 6. It sounds like a great step for Apple to take, and would obviously be their answer of providing a device to consumers who love a massive screen.

Are you now planning to skip the iPhone 5S, in favor of waiting for a device with a mammoth 6-inch display? Give us your thoughts on the ideal screen size for a smartphone.

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  • Fran McHugh

    A 5″ screen would be a big improvement. My current Galaxy S3 is approximately that size and I’m happy with that. Adding another diagonal inch would make significantly larger device for most hands and pockets.

  • KAI

    Apple need to do more than simply follow others and smash out a big screen device. They should concentrate on revising their boring, samey, lack lustre iOS.

  • Christopher

    5″ maximum. 6 is way too big. Wouldn’t fit in my pocket. Five is hovering on too big, but screen bezels could be reduced to fit a five inch screen while keeping the dimensions similar.

    Flexible displays are what I want, though. Would be great to unfold a phone into a tablet.

  • Andrey V

    Sure, 6″ iPhone would be my next choice over my current Note 2 . At least, I’d give it a try. Even 5,5 ” iPhone I’d do it. Apple, try us and get dozens of millions more current Android customers.

  • Kevin

    No way I know the smart phone is edging up screen size but 6″ is way to big, personally I think 5″ is going overboard, to big for pockets would be nice to see a 4.5-4-8 though