FIFA 14 debate over Gareth Bale 87

By Alan Ng - Sep 6, 2013

Earlier this week, we told you the surprise decision for EA to stick with an 86 rating for Luis Suarez on FIFA 14, despite his amazing performances for Liverpool last season. It’s not just Suarez who is on the receiving end of a debatable decision though, as you may have heard that Gareth Bale has been given an 87 rating – another subject of huge debate among FIFA purists.

This is the same player who blew defenses away last season in the Premiership, scoring 20 goals in the process from a midfield position. He single-handedly advanced Tottenham into Europe for this season and his performances alone was the key catalyst in paving the way for a world record transfer to Real Madrid for a cool 100 million Euros.

Despite that though, EA still only believes he is worth an overall rating of 87, placing players such as David Silva and Robben ahead of him with both having 88 ratings. We realize that comparisons shouldn’t necessarily be made with the different positions that players have, but surely logic wins out on this occasion, with Bale easily deserving a score of 89-90 instead.

EA, you are going to make me a 90 rating for this aren't you?

EA, you ARE going to make me a 90 rating for this aren’t you?

We still see that there is a lot of discussion on EA’s official player ratings, with a lot of fans mystified over some of the choices that have been made. We too picked up on Luis Suarez 86 rating here – some of you disagreed, but a lot of you felt that the player deserved better.

Bale is in the same boat we think. Do you believe that Bale should be rated higher than an 87 on FIFA 14 or not? Give us your valued opinions on this below.

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  • Danny

    I’m more concerned as to why he’s set as a centre forward and nobody has picked up on this? Surely he’s a winger…

  • Khaled Ashraf_13

    Suarez to me should be 88 and bale its more than fair to be 87..that guy all he’s got is pace and powerful shots but other than that he’s just a fair player nothing special to me..he’s a bit overrated..who’s really underrated btw is busquets that guy should be 87, to me he’s the best DM!

  • Mohamed Hassan

    90 is pretty fair for bale
    -coming from a spurs fan

  • give me iss anyday

    Wow! What an interesting discussion. You all need to get out more…

    • Jamazay

      Says you wasting your time reading comments that don’t interest you.

      Go and post something on a knitting website or whatever ever else it us that does interest you.

      Or indeed take your own advice and get out more. Perhaps go to a women’s institute knitting circle and moan about people who post uninteresting comments about Fifa ratings on the internet.

      Lastly, I’m fortunate enough to be the proud owner of a device the allows me to “get out more” and post uninteresting comments about Fifa ratings in the internet simultaneously. I’m convinced they will be the next big thing. You should keep your eye out for them. They’re called Smart phones.

      Oh, and I bet you’re a Chelsea fan, or even worse, a Manc.

  • Jamazay

    I’d say Luis Suarez is 100 but as he spends about 14% of season banned his 86 rating is fair.

    • NgTurbo

      You may have unlocked EA’s algorithm right there!

  • Name

    Frank Ribery 90 huh? Did I read that right or is that a typo..
    Luis 86 with marginally better stats than Bale????

    Surely both Bale and Luis should be higher >88/90

    Frank Ribery 83 on a magic day with fairies and pixies and mushroom houses

    • pat

      Stats shows that suarez has missed more goal scoring opportunities than he has scored. With Liverpool providing the most goal scoring opportunities in the whole of Europe. Lastseason.

  • Stuw182

    I wouldn’t rate him over 78

  • JUnkle

    No way, you’re just a stupid idiot face

    • NgTurbo

      Football and social media… what a toxic mix it can be sometimes. Do you support Millwall?

  • Harrymcgeeflee

    Gareth Bale #overated