The Witcher 3 takes PS4, Xbox One hardware close to limit

By Alan Ng - Sep 5, 2013

We have further promising news to share with those who are looking forward to highly anticipated title The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It was suggested over the Summer that the open-world RPG has been developed with an idea on maxing out PS4 and Xbox One next-generation hardware early.

This naturally raised a lot of eyebrows and generated great interest, but now developers CD Projekt Red have been confident enough to re-confirm this in a recent interview, despite the fact that new consoles from Sony and Microsoft will only just be taking baby steps in the market in terms of lifespan.

Think of that for a second, a game due to be released in 2014 is already on the boundaries of maxing out next-gen PS4 and Xbox One hardware. This never happened on current-gen hardware so early, so is it all due to the fact that the new systems are built with PC-friendly architecture?

Gameplay producer Marek Ziemak spoke to VG247’s Ray Willmott in a recent interview, and when asked about the maxing out console rumor, Ziemak had this to say in reply:

“At this point, we’re advanced in testing, running and experimenting with next-gen platforms, and at this point we know the game is pretty demanding. Of course, we still have the authorisation phase in front of us, but because of size and density, we are already close to maxing out the equipment.”

If you managed to witness the leaked footage of The Witcher 3 before it was removed, you will know just how amazing the game is looking in the graphics department.

Cloud eat your heart out

Cloud eat your heart out

To think that it could max out PS4 and Xbox One hardware already though is particularly frightening, especially when we think of how many more years ahead we still have in the next-gen lifecycle.

We fully expect CD Projekt Red to use more resources on the The Witcher as they become available, but are you pleasantly shocked by their confidence in coming out with such a statement? We didn’t see the likes of Guerilla offer the same level of confidence when talking about Killzone Shadow Fall – another game that looks fantastic at the moment.

Give us your thoughts on this.

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  • Evan

    Its only maxing out the hardware because they are doing nothing but using the system like a standard PC and ignoring its unique abilities. Most likely they won’t be doing the CPU tasks on the GPU on the PS4. That’s a major feature that takes free time on the GPU to do many more tasks without putting any hit on its Graphics ability, but regular PCs can’t do that and this game is being developed on a PC when next gen systems we’re not even finished yet. Also the Code is probably not optimized and if all the ram is being used then its probably just because they are lazy and using the ram because its there instead of thinking of good ideas. All games use the hardware to the max or else they would run at a higher frame rate. If its hitting 30fps and that’s all it can do its maxed…. So you make it look better year after year by codeing better.

    • beeeeep

      The gpu is going to be taxed enough as it is, because it’s just a middle of the road gpu. And there isn’t any game out today that takes advantage of more than 3 or maybe 4 gb of ram, even at PC resolutions of 1440p.

    • Azahiell

      Dear Evan!

      I’m sure you have not seen several materials regarding W3. Google wolf and other tech that CD Projekt Red implemented in game. After so many years with current gen consoles how many games(excluding exclusives:) can support your statement about ”coding better”?