PS Vita vs Nvidia Shield in-depth visual

By Alan Ng - Sep 5, 2013

If you are considering picking up a flash new NVIDIA Shield gaming handheld, but are looking for an in-depth comparison with the already established PS Vita, we have a fantastic video for you to check out. It analyzes the pros and cons for the PS Vita Vs Nvidia Shield, concluding with one winning device at the end over a number of varied categories.

The NVIDIA Shield and PS Vita share a recent trend as two handheld devices that both recently received a price cut. The Shield can now be picked up for $299 instead of $349, while the PS Vita now stands at a very pleasing $199.99 after originally launching for either $249.99 or $299 depending on WiFi and 3G needs.

Both offer some amazing gaming capabilities for your money, but which one is generally the better out of the two? One video that we have picked out for you attempts to answer this very question, testing both the PS Vita and the NVIDIA Shield in the hardware, controls, software, games and price categories.

If you watch the video, you may be surprised to see that the NVIDIA Shield edges the contest with a score of 3:2 against the Vita, winning in the hardware, controls and software categories, while the Vita scores in the other two.

Then again, you could perhaps agree with this conclusion, with the NVIDIA Shield equipped with a faster processor, internal memory, a more professional control layout, Android Jelly Bean Vs Sony’s own OS and the ability to stream full PC games with a paired PC setup.

Android Jelly Bean OS is a major advantage over the PS Vita's custom OS.

Android Jelly Bean OS is a major advantage over the PS Vita’s custom OS.

The PS Vita won the games category, largely due to the fact that PS4 streaming on the PS Vita is going to be a massive deal, almost working across all PS4 software titles, compared to PC streaming on the NVIDIA Shield which only works with select titles at the moment.

Regardless if you agree or disagree with NVIDIA as the winner, it is a very interesting and insightful comparison to check out. Watch it above and let us know what you think of the outcome.

Is the Shield the winner in your opinion too?

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  • Indy Sigur

    Shield is a joke sorry

  • guest1110

    Shield FTW!

  • Josh101

    The form factor on PS Vita wins all by it’s own. The Nvidia shield is too cramped and back-heavy. To play those games you have to have a matching 250$ card.

    • Mike

      GTX 650’s start at $119 on newegg. $99 after rebate.

    • Dana W

      I don’t even own a PC and I play shield games all the time.