Outlast gameplay walkthrough lands for PC

By Peter Chubb - Sep 5, 2013

If you love PC gaming and want to play a new psychological horror game, then the latest release from Red Barrels is a must. We know a number of Product Reviews readers have been excited about Outlast and we have a PC gameplay walkthrough below this article for those of you that want to learn more.

It should be noted that this might spoil your game a little if you watch it all, so if you just want to get a taste then watch the first few minutes of the Outlast gameplay but not all the walkthrough for PC.

We have embedded three videos below with the first being the Outlast launch trailer for those of you that haven’t seen it. This video only lasts 54 seconds, but the aim by Red Barrels is just to give you a tease so you hopefully go out and purchase the game to find out more.

Part one of the Outlast PC gameplay walkthrough can be seen in the second video and lasts for almost 18 minutes, and there’s also a third video that features part two with an over 14 minute runtime. More parts will be uploaded to the YouTube users account over the coming days, so just click through after watching the videos.

Between these two videos alone, they have been viewed more than 1.4 million times and liked over 180,000 times in less than 24 hours. That fact alone should make you want to learn more about Outlast for PC.

Do you like the look of Outlast for PC? If so, is this a game you plan on purchasing? It is worth noting that Outlast for PS4 doesn’t have a release date right now, although it is said to be launching in Q1 2014. We would like to point out that this game is designed for the older gamer.

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  • Nick

    This Video walkthrough garbage needs to go… I doubt I’m the only one that would rather READ the damn walkthrough. First off, it’s far easier to skim through a page than a video. Second, WATCHING THE WALKTHROUGH VIDEO HURTS THE GAME EXPERIENCE. Not very scary if I’ve already seen it, is it? I’ve seen plenty of posts already, complaining there is no written walkthrough for this game. If, by the time I finish the game, this is still lacking, I think I’ll write it myself. That way people can find help when stuck or having trouble, while not spoiling the game’s surprises, like this stupid video does. Any effort spent on making this would have been better spent writing it down, particularly since reading it would prevented me from having to hear the poster’s goofy ass commentary. Thanks douche, for uploading this spoiler and further postponing a reasonable wiki or guide from being created…