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Nintendo 2DS first look hands-on

Have you made your mind up yet on the Nintendo 2DS? There’s still a lot of negativity swirling around on the social media boards, but in our opinion Nintendo is offering a cheaper way to play Nintendo 3DS games – and that can only be a good thing.

This week, we give you a great opportunity to take a proper look at the 2DS hardware, up close and personal thanks to a hands-on video preview. The 2DS isn’t due to go on sale until the Pokemon X and Y launch date of October 12, but thanks to Engadget you can have an early sneak peek.

Nintendo has already set a price of $129.99 for the US market and £109.99 for those looking to buy one in the UK. As a result of the cheaper price compared to the 3DS, the 3D functionality and shutter has obviously been removed from the device, while we can also confirm that only the lower screen is supported by touch – not both.

There’s a more plastic approach to the 2DS as well to accommodate the cheaper price, and only one mono speaker compared to the stero speakers on the 3DS. One positive aspect though, which you’ll see in the video above is that the 2DS still retains the dual rear cameras that are featured on the 3DS.

Does the design look too 'cheap' or not?
Does the design look too ‘cheap’ or not?

You’ll be able to see where the SD card slot is situated, whilst also getting a quick look at the sleep switch as well for quick on and off gameplay. We think some of the criticism seen so far for the 2DS has been a little harsh, as the device does look fairly comfortable in the hand and certainly not that ugly as some people are making out.

Apple are doing the same thing by using plastic materials with their upcoming iPhone ‘5C’, so it’s an industry standard to expect a little less gloss compared to respective premium versions of the same device.

Take another look at the 2DS and let us know if you agree with all of the criticism seen so far.



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