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iPad 5 vs. iPad mini 2 from components

Yesterday, a video was leaked showing a comparison of dimensions for the so-called iPad 5 against the iPad mini 2. Today we are looking at the iPad 5 vs. iPad mini 2 before the official release date thanks to leaked components.

We have embedded the aforementioned video by unboxtherapy below this post, which gives us a brief first look at the new iPad Mini 2 and delivers a comparison in size. Lasting almost 3 minutes the video shows the new back plate of the next generation iPad mini and measures this up to the existing version, and we can see the full size iPad seems to be just as thin.

The image here from the video shows a sandwich of a number of iPads to give us viewers a decent perspective of the actual size expected, and the presenter also talks about the speculation of a Retina display, although he feels this would mean the iPad mini 2 would jump up in price if this rumour has any truth to it.

Are you intending to get the iPad mini 2 when it comes out? Maybe you are waiting to see if this version contains a retina display.



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