FIFA 14 player ratings rage after Luis Suarez 86

By Alan Ng - Sep 5, 2013

With the issue over the FIFA 14 UK cover still up in the air following Gareth Bale’s transfer to Real Madrid, we’re pleased to see that EA has instead given fans information on a highly requested aspect of the game – FIFA 14 player ratings. We now know what rating players like Gareth Bale will have in FIFA 14, but we’re surprised to see a rather low score given to arguably one of the world’s best players, Luis Suarez.

On FIFA 13, Luis Suarez had an overall rating of 86. After an amazing season with Liverpool where he scored 30 goals, you would have thought that it would warrant an upgrade on his FIFA 14 ability as he is easily in the same class of some of the best players in the world today.

However, EA has released the top 50 player ratings in FIFA 14 and we’re very surprised to see that Luis Suarez remains on an 86 – no change whatsoever. Players above him with a higher score include the likes of Juan Mata (87), Mesut Ozil (87), Vidic (87) and even Robin Van Persie with an 89.

You could argue that Suarez is as least as good as the players mentioned above, if not better. Frank Ribery has a rather high rating of 90, while man of the moment Gareth Bale will only have a FIFA 14 rating of 87 – so according to EA’s logic, Bastian Schweinsteiger is a better player than Gareth Bale. Apparently.

No smile from me if I'm only an 86..

No smile from me if I’m only an 86..

Do any of you actually agree with their ratings system, as we have a feeling most of you will back us up in saying that they are rather strange. Carlos Tevez an 86 the same as Luis Suarez? What Premiership were EA watching last season we wonder.

Give us your thoughts on the ratings below.

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  • bvghj

    wot r ea thinking putting aguero up to 88?! wot did he do last season! Suarez should be 88/89 in my opinion!!

  • asad

    suarez should be an 76 he’s crazy and rubbish and even though he’s rubbish he’s still too good for liverpoo

  • piwo

    For Ribery, I believe he deserves its 90 rating same for Bale 86 is fair, though I would be ok with 87. Schweeni desserves its 87. But you are right, overall if we look closely at the ratings EA is very funny.
    Suarez would deserve an 88. Aguero an 84 -85 instead of 88.

    The funniest ones are Pique and Vidic… Pique should go down at around 82, Vidic is more talented in defense but always injured and too inconsistent
    They are nowhere near the likes of Ramos, Chiellini and T. Silva, these 3 deserve an 88.

    Also Ronaldo and Messi, to me both of them should be at 94.

  • cs

    Suarez would have been top scorer had he not been banned, he was 4 ahead of van persie at the time, and the pundits were saying he was the best player in the premier league, as he was consistently world class throughout the entire season, instead of the hideously overrated bale, who was only good for the late second half of it. Suarez is in the top 5 players in the world, he is faultless, if bale was as slow as suarez he wouldnt be half the player he is. 86 is a criminal rating for suarez and ea is biassed, if he had moved to realmadrid he would be at least 88, and dont even get me started on van persies ridiculous rating

  • Khaled Ashraf_13

    Wow u ppl are comparing Schweinsteiger to Bale??!!.. Thats just shows u how Bale is overrated that guy knws nothing special other than running with the ball and shoot from a long distance!

  • Khaled Ashraf_13

    Suarez should be 88 at least..that guy is no different to Falcao!!

  • LJ

    Awful decision
    Its raw stats don’t count then I don’t know what do.

    • james

      Luckily we can change them r selfs 😛

  • MarkG

    Does it really matter as much as some people make out!? I’m not going to cry because I think one player should be 82 instead of 81 or something. I could understand such outrage if theo walcotts pace was set at 34 for example.

  • Hdndjejdjr

    How can they ever put aguero up to an 88 when he done absolutely nothing all season and yet keep Suarez the same and then just to show how bitter actually are they go and make adebayour the same rating as sturridge goin on there like?

  • Robin

    Bastian Schweinsteiger IS a better player than Gareth Bale.

  • FEHplay

    EA have no idea. Not only are they being totally unreasonable about Suarez. Also Hazard, 85? I admit he didn’t deserve as high a rating as Suarez but 85 down from 87 is poorly. He improved last season and should have stayed an 87, or maybe pushed an 88. Same goes for Suarez, Mata, Bale, Gerrard, Luiz, Ozil, Fellaini, Baines and definitely a few others. All had stellar seasons yet it isn’t represented at all on the new FIFA. Its genuinely worrisome. Yet we don’t see a constantly injured, inconsistent and all round average Vidic drop below a very sprightly 87. The same thing with David Silva. Him being 88 again is pathetic.

    • LJ

      Everything you just said I couldn’t agree with more.

      • L-dude

        You should be given the job, clearly know what your talking about! Faitplay.

  • Simon93

    How can Gerrard & Suarez be named in FIFA’s team of the season, and their ratings not be improved, in fact Gerrards rating has got worse in FIFA 12 he was rated 87 & now after an even better seanon than the 10/11 he is rated 83? who decides this? The people at EA in charge of player rating must not even watch football!! This has left me so annoyed that I considered not getting the game, but 5mins later I relaised that I’m a slave to this annoying work of art.

  • Conor Griffin

    Gerrard should be 85, Coutinho 84, Sturridge 85, Suarez 89, Lucas 81, Agger 84, Skrtel 84, Toure 81, Johnson 81, Enrique 80, Ilori 79, Sakho 86, Moses 82, Mignolet 83.

    • LJ

      Maybe Skrtel a little lower.

    • CS

      and sakho

    • Norguy

      yeaaa… I agree that we have an improved squad, but let’s calm down a bit…

      And if Skrtel is 84(he ain’t), Mignolet is definitely way above 83.

  • shubz7

    How do you rate Vidic at 87 , he has been injured for the last 87 seasons .. no stress guys . Edit your players as to how you feel they rate in reality which is Suarez 89 Bale 90 gerrard 85 Vidic 81 Surely ivanovic is better than a vidic

    • Bob

      ivanovic better than vidic, that is a joke right? ha

  • Carl McCann

    the comment about schweinsteiger is ridiculous. He’s been at the heart of Bayern’s midfield for years, Bale is good but hasn’t proved himself on the highest stage across multiple seasons.

  • dan

    what an absolute shambles, same old ea and fifa, dont like suarez so give him a ridiculous rating. he needs to be at least 89.

    • james

      They always rate r players (lfc) poorly had played for anyone eles he be 89/90

  • Mr Anonymous

    I think it’s disgraceful, Rooney is 87, Hart is likely to still be rated a pitiful 84 and Lampard and Gerrard were too low to make the list, meaning they must be 84 or under!

  • Tim

    EA are Useless Busquets should be 75 or something, he wouldnt start in my school team, most overrated player of all time

    • Ben Hacker Hughes

      Coming from someone who’s seen him play in real life, you literally know nothing about football, to the extent that it’s actually quite funny.

      You’re talking about a player who made Yaya Toure a sellable asset, and a player who’s been a starter in club and national teams that, together, have won every major trophy in football. Do you think you know more than Guardiola and del Bosque?

      There is not a single player in the world who can quite match Busquets’ level of dual speciality in breaking up play and ball retention, therefore he is the perfect man for Barca’s deep midfield role. He is literally a mid-point between Mascherano and Xavi, neither of which can play that position because they swing too far towards one of those sides.

  • Taco Rabanne

    ISSUES WITH THE PLAYER RATINGS (honestly, it’s like these were done by a 13 year old)

    1) Marco Reus – Too low. After tearing defences apart in the bundlesliga and champions league, there is no way reus does not deserve to be higher than an 85. 86 or 87 definitely.

    2) Vidal – Too low. After being potentially the best box to box midfielder, it is ludicrous that he is ranked 3 places below schweinsteiger, a player who, based on last seasons performances, is a player of equal ability. 87 or possibly 88 for Vidal.

    3) Navas – Too high. Not an 85 rated player at all. 83 or 84 at a push

    4) Lewandoski – Too low. 86??? Are they taking the piss? When van Persie comes out with an 89, falcao with a 90, you have to wonder what ea were thinking pulling this one. Also 78 shooting for Lewandoski is ridiculous. Should be 88 rated and hold a high 80s shooting stat

    5) piqué – Too High. I don’t care who you are, nobody can genuinely claim that pique is an 86 rated defender at this point in time. Deserves an 84/85 card.

    6) Bale – Too low. Based on technical ability, should be in the top 10 on this list, maybe even top 5. Deserves an 88/89 rating

    7) Suarez – Too low – after having a wonderfully prolific scoring season, as mentioned in the report above, Suarez is definitely worthy of an 88/89 card.

    8) Vidic – too high. Indisputable evidence that Manchester United fans had a large part to play in theses decisions. Certainly not what he used to be, even when he played he looked uncomfortable and nervous, deserves an 85/86 card.

    9) silva – too high. When cazorla has a season better than silvas, it is preposterous that he is only granted an 85, and silva an 88. Both players deserve to be on 86/87, with cazorla probably being 1 higher.

    10) aguero – too high. Had an injury plagued season and looked far off the pace when he did play. Deserves an 86 rating.

    • NgTurbo

      Couldn’t agree more..

      Don’t let MD see your ratings below though.

    • Aaron Taskiran

      Fully agree.. especially with 9 and 10

    • I play FIFA

      Lewandowski’s 78 shooting rating is due to his terrible free kick stat so his finishing and shot power during play (outside free kicks) should be at least mid 80’s.

  • diddler

    Courtois not even there, he is equal to Neuer and they are both better than Buffon and Casillas who doesn’t even start for his team!
    Godin and Miranda too, they were the best CB partnership in the whole of europe last season!

    • pump

      Lmao.. Your comparing Courtois to Neuer.. BUFFON=CASILLAS>Neuer>Cech>De Gea> My dog>my cat> Courtois

      • shocker

        You forgot your wife in there !

  • Joe Thomas

    To me, it’s the same with Busquets being rated 86 and Gerrard 83 on Fifa 13.. How? I rate Busquets, he’s good at his role and fits Barca so well.. But 86? It seems to me that it isn’t based on player ability, but is altered to accommodate for their clubs standing.. Barca were really overpowered on the last one, this time it’ll probably be Bayern.

  • MD

    Wow just wow Alan, you don’t know anything about football or FIFA do you? You’re comparing players from different positions, defenders and midfielders in contrast to a striker? Are you joking? It makes your points irrelevant when comparing players. You do know there’s more to their attributes than just their overall score don’t you? Tevez same rating for Suarez? He’s scored in every appearance for Juve this season. Suarez has had 1 good season in the Prem, Tevez has proven his quality and assholeness for years.

  • oreto

    suarez is arguably the best player in the league

  • marvin

    wow cant believe this aguero 88 and suarez 86….it should be the other way around

  • ktz

    the way they do it isn’t based on hes a 90 rating or we u used Bastian Schweinsteiger as an example the way they programed his stats then his position depending how high his stats are in the stats for a center mid equals the overall rating but yes Bastian Schweinsteiger is a better centre midfielder then bale is a winger by far

  • disgustedred

    It’s a case of following the UK press and their hatred of Luis. The hypocrites have loved him during the summer when they thought he’d be going to Arsenal, now that he isn’t it will be back to normality. You see the same thing with the officials, the first 3 games they have treated Liverpool fairly (except for the cup game and that ref thought he was officiating a rugby match) but once Suarez comes back they will revert to giving us nothing. As I said hypocrites.

  • Mike

    Their rating system has always been nonsense! I remember being incensed back when Steven Gerrard was probably the best player, based on form, in the world at the time and he was only rated around 87!!

  • the nizzle

    comparing schweinsteiger with bale is ludicrous as they are completely different players, you might as well draw a comparison between a goalkeeper and a cb if you are going to compare players purely on their ratings

    • NgTurbo

      Fair point,

      If that’s the case, compare Tevez (86) and Aguero 88 (who was largely injured) with Suarez then.