Xolo Q1000s specification and gaming

By Marlon Votta - Sep 4, 2013

The Xolo Q1000s is a new addition to the world of smartphones delivering more choice to the consumer when it comes to acquiring that new device. Today, we want to highlight a new video that features the Xolo Q1000s specification along with some gameplay to show how well the device handles certain games.

Lasting nearly 6 minutes the video below this post by iGyaan highlights a number of games being experienced on the Xolo Q1000s showing titles like GTA 3, Asphalt 8 and Nova 3. According to the presenter the Xolo Q1000s gaming response for is fairly accurate for Dead Trigger, but they highlight Asphalt 8 as this game was not as impressive.

The graphics and response of GTA 3 are discussed as this was favoured by the presenter in comparison to Asphalt 8, and although the gameplay load times are a bit long, he still feels that the whole experience could be better on this device.

Nova 3 took some time to load up initially, and this is not regarded as the best gaming experience on the Xolo Q1000s, and by looking at the time spent on each game we get the impression GTA 3 performed quite well.

This gives us reason to question how good this device really is, and as we wait for some comparison reviews to come out, we thought it would be worth mentioning the recent post we wrote that includes a visual full review and more specs insight on the Xolo Q1000S in a hands-on review. In this we discuss the Xolo Q1000s specification details and we also provided another video, which delivers a brief but informative impression of the Xolo Q1000s.

What do you think of the Xolo Q1000s? Do you feel this is a decent addition to the world of smartphones? Maybe this isn’t the ideal device for those of you who love gaming on your handset.

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  • dr.saurabh

    . Xolo handsets are sub standared . they hardly last for month . in my case xolo q
    1000 went dead in one month 19 days . they are under powered . hangs frequently
    . gives problems with ear phone connector . have low volumes . company don’t give
    often software updates . XOLO have worst
    after sales service . they are not at all customer oriented people . I am
    waiting since one month to get my handset back . they don’t respond to your sms
    , emails . their helpline line is of no use . its always busy and helpline
    don’t have information about your handset .company successfully creates
    propoganda by huge ad campingns and fake reviews over the the net but badly fails when it come
    to after sales service. In india they don’t have servicecenters even in big
    cities but they do hire middlemen terms
    as collection points where you have to submit your damage hanset . Company
    promises prespective customer many things such as door to door repairing service and service in
    five days but it badly fails . its mismanaged and fraud company because of
    which customer like me have to suffer . its just china handset wrapped in
    Indian cardboard. Its not at all worth for money rather you have to occur additional cost for litigation . I have already send
    them consumer court notice waiting for reply from their corporate office.