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Canon EOS 100D video recording test

If you are considering the Canon EOS 100D digital SLR and want to see a video recording first to see what the quality is like, then we have a couple of videos that will give a lot more insight and help you a little if this is an important feature of the Canon 100D for you.

The first video only runs for 23 seconds and reveals the Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 DC HSM autofocus that’s demonstrated during video recording. You will see the Canon EOS 100D settings were adjusted using the touchscreen to specify a new focus point, and the focus is changed from left figure to right and then back again.

In the second video you will see the same Sigma 18-35mm settings demoed with a video recording performed in a park at the same time as passing traffic. This allows you to see performance in an outdoor environment with moderate noise, and at the same time the focus is changed to background from foreground.

Those Product Reviews readers that want to see a more detailed hands-on review should see our earlier article, which looks at both real life performance and the specs in detail thanks to three detailed videos. You can also see the Canon 100D features compared to 700D via another article.

Would you purchase the Canon EOS 100D? If not, then let us know the reason why you would skip this Canon SLR camera after looking at the hands-on videos.



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