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BBM for Android first look

We have been tracking the BBM launch for Android over the past few weeks very closely, and this is due to the fact that BlackBerry said the release date would arrive by the end of summer 2013. With that launch window under 3 weeks way, it seems that there is very little time left to meet the original promise.

BBM for Android first look – above this article we have embedded a video that reveals a first look at the new BBM app on Android, although this quick hands-on doesn’t deliver any insight for the release date on either Google Android or Apple’s iOS.

This being said, we should point to the recent article we published that revealed BlackBerry made the BBM app live for download on Android and iOS a few days ago. This launch page on the official website soon got taken down, but not before some people managed to grab a screenshot.

First look at BBM for Android
First look at BBM for Android

It is not clear why this page went live but it is reassuring that the release is close for BBM on Android and iPhone.

Will you be downloading the BBM app for Android or iPhone? What features do you most look forward to on BlackBerry Messenger, which are not available on other chat apps?

Using the keyboard on BBM for Android
Using the keyboard on BBM for Android

We have also heard from a number of Product Reviews readers that own Windows Phone devices, and these people are not happy that there is no mention of BBM for Windows. We can understand why this would be thanks to the popularity of Android and iOS platforms, but it will be interesting to see if BlackBerry make an announcement after the expected launch of BBM on iOS/Android this month.



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