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All iPhone 5S and 5C colors shown

Within minutes of the 2013 Apple iPhone event invitations being sent out we published details along with a picture of the invite. You can see the Sept 10 invite again on this page, although the reason for this quick post was to highlight something a few of our readers might have missed initially.

While working in our home office late and looking at the leaks for both iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, my cousin’s daughter walked into the office and stated the obvious. “Are they all the iPhone 5S and 5C colors, I like that color”, is what she said.

Sometimes we are so close to the news that the obvious hints that Apple always likes to leave are missed, and while the “brighten” statement jumped out at us right away, all the colors being shown didn’t.

This hint was seen within the hour of invitations going live, but we have only now had time to post this to our readers.

If this is the range of iPhone 5S or 5C colors, then what would you choose for your new smartphone? We should note that there’s a good chance black and white will also be included, although the new range of colors are being featured in the Apple event invitation.

Reactions to these new iPhone 5S/5C colors so far have been mixed. There is a lot of people that feel cases are for colors, so it will be interesting to see how Apple market the color idea and knowing this brand they will managed to do it well. If anyone can spin a product and make it popular, it is Apple. One thing they do very well is marketing.



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