Xbox One Vs PS4 controller support necessity

By Alan Ng - Sep 3, 2013

We have heard many details on the hardware capabilities of the upcoming Xbox One and PS4 next-gen consoles, but one aspect that hasn’t really been discussed in length is the support for multiple controllers. The PS3 had support for seven DualShock3 pads, the Xbox 360 had support for 4 pads – but we can tell you that both consoles will make a significant change in the transition to next gen.

Without beating around the bush, don’t expect to see seven controller support again for the PS4. Sony has confirmed this week that the PS4 will in fact only support four DualShock4 controllers at any one time. Some of you may be disappointed about this, but then again think to yourself on the amount of games that will actually have support for more than four players at once.

Microsoft meanwhile have made a surprising move with their Xbox One in comparison. The Xbox 360 can support 4 pads at once, but we’re happy to confirm that the Xbox One will actually have support for a staggering 8 controllers at once.

While more numbers is obviously good, we’re still struggling at the same time to think of a situation when eight controllers will actually be required in a living room space – will everyone get a tiny corner to use for a 32-inch TV?

Should this be deemed as an 'advantage' for the Xbox One?

Should this be deemed as an ‘advantage’ for the Xbox One?

Four is a good number we feel, especially when most gamers prefer online co-op anyway so they don’t have to share TV space with a friend, hindering their viewpoint in the process. Time will tell whether four controllers will be enough for the PS4, but 8 controllers does seem a little excessive for the Xbox One.

Are Microsoft planning to release several 8 player local games? We await this with considerable anticipation if this is the case. Give us your thoughts on the controller support for both consoles.

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  • christian

    or super smash bro. type games.

    there’s one on the ps3. i’m sure many types of 8 player games are to come.

    remember people. NOW although the xbox one will still come with kinect 2.0 it WILL NOT be mandatory for it to be plugged into the xbox one to work.

    that should fix everyone’s privacy issue. i’m getting my XB one when it comes out.

  • Sports games. You don’t need splitscreen for that.

  • Chris


    • NgTurbo

      Bomberman Ultra is legendary! Got drunk many times playing this game.

      • Chris

        10 player Saturn Bomberman is still the best way to play. An 8 player version from the next generation could potentially sell me an Xbox One. 🙂