Xbox One release date wait prompts EA to step in

A lot of you must be wondering what Microsoft are really waiting for. The company is still keeping the whole world waiting, despite the fact that Sony has already finalized a PS4 release date weeks ago. We know that the system is scheduled to be released in November, but now even EA has told Microsoft to quit stalling with the date.

That would be EA, the same company that has recently entered into an ‘strategic’ partnership with Microsoft, resulting in various exclusives such as Titanfall and also exclusive content for games like FIFA 14.

As strategic as it may be though, EA COO Peter Moore has given a recent interview with GI.Biz, effectively telling Microsoft to hurry up and disclose the launch date once and for all.

We’re willing to bet that Moore is probably in the know on the date itself, but was thinking more about promotion purposes in making the date public knowledge.

We know that the PS4 will launch on November 15 in the US and November 29 in Europe. A rumored November 8 date for the Xbox One had been speculated, but it looks like we may now see a launch just slightly after that date.

Microsoft obviously thinks they know what they are doing, but do you personally think that disclosing the release date publicly as soon as possible, would be in their best interests for paying customers?

"Time is money Microsoft, chop chop"
“Time is money Microsoft, chop chop”

At the moment the wait helps nobody and it could even force some gamers to order a PS4 instead if they prefer to get everything out of the way with a solid date already confirmed.

Let us know your thoughts on the silent tactics that Microsoft are currently playing. Are you surprised that even EA is telling them to get on with it?



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