Galaxy Note 3 lockscreen wallpaper on Note 2

By Marlon Votta - Sep 3, 2013

The recently leaked Galaxy Note 3 lockscreen wallpaper being shown on a Galaxy Note 2 is bound to accumulate some attention from enthusiasts, and today we have found a video giving us a first look impression of this. With the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 expected to be introduced tomorrow September 4 at Galaxy Unpacked in Berlin, we are intrigued about the lockscreen wallpaper seen on the Note 2.

We have embedded a video by Adrian Isén below this post, which only lasts around 2 minutes, but we feel this is actually works as a decent promotional way of keeping the Galaxy Note 3 relevant prior to its release.

Downloading this wallpaper is shown as well as the actual image, which looks like a painting, along with the strange accented presenter waffling on about how he feels we should be getting the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

In addition, we recently spoke about the Note 3 Three UK release date from an anonymous source, and the claimed September 16th release date is not entirely trustworthy, although tomorrows event could enlighten us more on a specific arrival.

Are you looking forward to seeing the Galaxy Note 3 come on the market? Please let us know your opinion in the comments section below the video.

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