PS Vita anger with Rayman Legends missing content

By Alan Ng - Sep 3, 2013

If the disappointment over the PS Vita delay of Rayman Legends wasn’t bad enough, it looks like there could be one major issue with the game that Ubisoft doesn’t appear to have made clear to fans. It has been discovered that the PS Vita is missing content from the other versions, despite Ubisoft saying that it is the full game with all of the original content.

However, those who have acquired an early copy have realized that the handheld version is missing as many as 28 levels found in other versions, levels that make up the popular Invasion stages otherwise known as the speed run missions.

This is a big blow, since the speed run aspect of the game is arguably the most challenging aspect of the new Rayman games and if it isn’t coming to PS Vita it’s a massive loss. So far Ubisoft hasn’t given a reason for the cut content and it is perhaps a little naughty that they didn’t make this clear before consumers pre-ordered the game beforehand.

Even worse is that Ubisoft said that Rayman Legends on PS Vita is the full version seen on console versions, so it could result in cancelled pre-orders if Ubisoft doesn’t plan to put the missing levels in.

Ubisoft has some explaining to do.

Ubisoft has some explaining to do.

The missing content also results in a lower Teensie count – dropping from 700 on console to 615 on PS Vita, as you’ll see in this dodgy image here.

One potential solution to this is to offer the missing levels as free DLC. Anything other than that and Ubisoft may have a tricky situation on their hands. As we await a statement, give us your thoughts on this – do you have Rayman Legends on order on PS Vita?

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  • Josh101

    I think their biggest issue is, I called every Wal-mart in town and not a single store had a copy of Rayman Legends. For any system, not ONE copy. I could have gone to Gamestop yes, but I’m a little tired of buying games there “new” that have been opened already.

  • andrew

    everyone settle down . I’m sure they will add dlc

    • Charlie

      Ubisoft just anounced that it will add the missing levels via DLC for free at a later date.