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Pokemon X and Y news within hours from event

We have some great news to share with all Pokemon fans now. After previously showing you some footage from a sighting at Pax Prime recently, we now have confirmation that official Pokemon X and Y news will be coming within hours, thanks to a fresh Nintendo Direct event that is set to broadcast very soon.

The event is going to be hosted by President Satoru Iwata himself, so it is definitely not something to miss. Especially when you consider that Nintendo are using the Pokemon X and Y logos to highlight the event – meaning that the event is likely to feature considerable spotlight on the upcoming game.

Most of you may have played the demo already at various events and had the chance to play as Mega Mewtwo at level 100. Hopefully this time, Nintendo will use the event to unveil some brand new information on the game, such as another collection of new Pokemon to explore or offer another some more details on the various locations of Kalos region.

Nintendo has already confirmed that the event will be taking place on Wednesday September 4 at 12pm UK time. You’ll be able to tune in via Nintendo’s website here, or alternatively at the company’s UStream channel here.

Xerneas, we can't wait to catch you..
Xerneas, we can’t wait to catch you..

Do you think we’ll finally get some solid gameplay for the two main legendaries in Xerneas and Yveltal? Let us know what you would expect to see from a Nintendo Direct event focused on Pokemon X and Y news.



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