GTA V music teased on Soundcloud, Spotify

Rockstar really wants to give you a preview of their official soundtrack for GTA V it seems. After teasing some information to Rolling Stone magazine last week, we can tell you that Rockstar has now made things more public, by offering up previews of several GTA V radio stations via the popular platform SoundCloud.

If you are a big fan of music and simply cannot wait until September 17 to arrive, you probably already know that GTA V is going to contain 240 music tracks as we told you in a previous report here.

Some of the artists are going to include big names such as Dr Dre, Elton John, Kendrick Lamar, Queen, Pet Shop Boys, Outkast and even Eddie Murphy. Rockstar has been releasing little teasers of the music that will be featured in the game, but now you can view a complete preview over at Soundtrack.

By heading to Rockstar’s Soundcloud space here, you’ll be able to listen to a sample of the West Coast Classics, FlyLo FM, East Los FM, Rebel Radio and Vineyard Boulevard radio stations. What’s good about Soundcloud is that you can also see what other GTA fans are saying about the particular music as it plays from start to finish.

Alternatively, those of you with a Spotify account can still view the leaked soundtrack, which although incomplete contains a vast collection of tracks that will be included in the game.

Regulate some West End Girls during the Rhythm of the Night
Regulate some West End Girls during the Rhythm of the Night

With just two weeks to go though until release, we hope Rockstar are planning to give out a further tease on their full soundtrack.

Having seen which tracks are going to be in the game, which artist or radio station do you think you’ll be listening to the most?



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