Apple iPhone 5S event date and time by invitation

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 3, 2013

Meet the Apple iPhone 5S event invitation that has reportedly been sent out to select press and bloggers. We will follow up with live blogs covering this event and you should expect a live video stream on Apple TV, which has become the norm for the last few major Apple press conferences.

You can expect this to be Apple’s biggest event of the year, so you can certainly expect live video streaming online for Mac and PC, on Apple TV and via a number of other sources.

This Apple event invitation shown above on this page is thanks to the Loop and they state the date will be September 10, and the time will be 10am PT. That converts to 6PM in London, UK for a start time.

It is clear that the September 10, 2013 event invitations will not be providing us with any clues this year other than something to “brighten everyone’s day”.

In our opinion, this is a reference to the bright colors seen with iPhone 5C and 5S so far. We will update our readers further as the news breaks, but for now count the next generation of iPhones to be bright.

This news follows a few blogs publishing news that invites went live a few hours ago, when in fact that was not true and started with a story that later got pulled from The Verge. The Apple iPhone 5S event invitations are now clearly live.

Will you be purchasing a bright colored new iPhone 5S or 5C? It makes sense that there will be a lot more about these phones in terms of features and specs, but it’s doubtful most people would want something extremely bright.

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  • RICH

    Bright is not for me that is what iPhone cases are for.

    • It will be interesting to see how stylish they are, but this might mean a lot of people will be purchasing clear cases for their iPhone 5S or 5C.