Xbox One TV features skips Gold necessity

By Alan Ng - Sep 2, 2013

If you are looking forward to using the Xbox One TV features ahead of the console’s launch in November, we have a much welcome boost to give you. It was previously thought that most of the features would be locked away to those with an Xbox Live Gold subscription, but now we’re hearing that this may not be the case after all.

Microsoft famously devoted a lot of their E3 press conference time to hype up the instant TV features of the Xbox One console, with most of you remembering their entire conference thanks to the words ‘Xbox TV’ and ‘Xbox go home’.

The upcoming next-gen console will have the ability to tune into your home’s TV services, with one neat ability allowing the user to bring up an instant digital TV guide. This feature was thought to be for Xbox One Live Gold members only, but Microsoft’s Albert Penello has revealed at PAX that features like the TV guide will be accessible to all.

When speaking to GameFront, he also suggested that users will also be able to give Kinect voice commands when using the TV app as well, another feature that was initially thought to be locked away to Xbox Live Gold members.

You are Gold.. always believe in Microsoft.

You are Gold.. always believe in Microsoft.

There’s a suggestion that this could have been another quiet policy change by Microsoft, to again make the Xbox One launch price a lot more worthwhile for those planning to splash the cash. Giving users a basic introduction to the TV features without needing a Gold subscription sounds like a great idea to us.

Were you aware of this little change or not? Let us know if you are planning to use the Xbox One as your new means of watching TV primarily.

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  • WarrenXBOX

    Was going to view TV on an Xbox One only as a Windows Media Center Extender (just as you currently can with the xbox360), but Microsoft has decided to NOT allow Xbox Ones to fuction as an extender for Windows Media Center PCs. That was the only thing for me that was going to justify the additional price over the PS4 (who the heck actually wants Kinect?)… As I would only be buying a next-gen console for games now, I might as well save $100 and get a system with better graphical capability. 😒