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Xbox One gameplay with Dead Rising 3’s dragon punch

Dead Rising 3 is receiving a lot of positive attention as we move towards its release as an Xbox One launch title. After previous games in the series arrived on multi-platform, Dead Rising 3 is in fact an Xbox One exclusive and now we have some fantastic uninterrupted gameplay for you to check out for the first time.

If you are currently loving Black Ops 2 Origins zombies and are looking for a further survival horror fix, it looks like you may come to love Dead Rising 3. Previously we had only seen some cutscene footage for the game after its announcement from E3, but now you have the opportunity to see the game running in real time.

Built on the Xbox One engine, the visuals are looking spectacular and it actually looks like a very fun game to play with friends. Developed by Capcom Vancouver, there’s also one notable surprise included in the game – the ability to perform moves such as the Shoryuken, aka Ryu and Ken’s famous dragon punch from Street Fighter.

Skip to the 0.57 stage in the video to see one of the characters pull off the move, complete with the same sound as what you would normally hear in Street Fighter.

Ryu's brother from another mother
Ryu’s brother from another mother

You’ll also see a crazy looking character in a shark suit, leaping off a building on a motorbike among other things.

You may not have been too interested in Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2, but it looks like the 3rd game could become something of a sensation among fans. Check out the new gameplay footage and let us know if you are tempted to pick up Dead Rising 3 as your first Xbox One game.



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