Nexus 7 2 random reboot problems desire fix

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 2, 2013

Both fans and newcomers to an Android tablet have welcomed the new Nexus 7 2, but some of these people have seen a number of problems since owning the device. While there are a number of issues, one of the most common problems we have heard about is the Nexus 7 2 performing a random reboot.

The initial reviews of the 2013 Nexus 7 have been good and most reviewers welcomed the 2nd generation Android tablet. We have already featured a first look at the UK device and saw a Nexus 7 2 review looking at the tablet after using it for a month.

Just over two weeks ago we heard about a few intermittent problems with the new Nexus 7 2, although these reports focused on a GPS issue and multitouch problem. We haven’t heard much about these glitches since that article, although the random reboot problems are continually being reported in forums and in comments on Product Reviews.

The 2013 Nexus 7 on left next to the older version

The 2013 Nexus 7 on left next to the older version

One commenter stated, “I’m having daily problems with my 2013 Nexus 7 performing random reboots, which happens around twice a day. I picked up my version from best Buy and have fully updated the tablet. I also turned off the GPS after looking in forums for help, but this fix hasn’t helped me”.

Another forum user said, “after picking up a Nexus 7 2 from Best Buy my tablet got stuck on the X screen almost right away, so I took it back to the store after it wouldn’t reach the boot up menu. Once I got my second unit this also got stuck on the X screen after it randomly rebooted a few times, and I have now got a refund until the problems are fixed by Google”.

These are only a couple of comments in relation to issues being faced with the new Nexus 7 2, but we have seen many more. There is no way to see if this is a small percentage of sales, or a much bigger problem at this time.

Have you had any problems with your new Nexus 7 2nd generation? Let us know in the comments if you have experienced the random reboot problems, or if you have found a fix for this issue.

We should note the reports about problems with 2013 Nexus 7’s has caused a number of people to delay a purchase. “I have the previous Nexus 7 that has worked flawlessly since I bought it, so I will wait until the problems are fixed before upgrading”, said one potential buyer. Another Product Reviews reader stated, “I was thinking about picking up the new Nexus 7 2 but will stay away for now until current owners report a fix”.

Keep connected to PR as we will update our readers with any new Android updates that fix the Nexus 7 problems being reported.

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  • xaxer

    I have had the random reboot and touch sensitivity issues. Returned for new one yesterday at Staples & got 2 more weeks to see how this one works. If problems it goes back. First gen one worked flawlessly 1 year til I dropped it and cracked screen.

  • pj66

    I have the reboot issue and it is way past the return period. This puppy is going back to Asus under RMA.

  • Jacob Bondt

    hi had same thing with my nexus took about 12 days to finnally get through to them ,took a suppervisor call to get the ball rollin customer services soso. New tablet shipped today.

  • Jason

    Same problem here, reboot occurs once a couple of days

  • madat google

    I have had constant rebooting problems. I have restored to factory settings and still it reboots. Google should accept responsibility for this and offer refunds or a new working tablet. I kept mine past the 15 day return period at Best Buy and now I am stuck with an almost useless device.

  • Jac tro

    Je demeure au Québec Saint Jean sur Richelieu, j’ai le même problème. Aussi en déplaçant l’icone d’un jeu que j’ai désinstallé et qui est resté sur l’écran, ils y en à parfois trois qui disparaissent.

  • graciem1

    My nexus 7 2 is rebooting too. Will try turning GPS off to see if that’ll help.

  • Deftdrummer

    Experiencing random reboots on my 2013 N7 and can confirm they are related to the GPS bug. This problem would occur during use of the device and also when sitting unused on the table.

    I experimented with turning off GPS, and was able to get 3 days, 12 hours without rebooting on uptime.

    Turned GPS on and during the night another random reboot occurred.

    Definitely related to GPS.

  • Travis

    I bought one today from Futureshop in Canada and it rebooted itself during setup. Returned it and the 2nd unit has rebooted itself twice (once while gaming, once while using chrome). I’m going to return it and wait till we find out if it’s a hardware issue or a software fix is available. Too bad, I really love the tablet otherwise.

  • mike b

    bought one from newegg august 20 and it did a hard freeze after 1 hour, had to be retored to factory then frooze and rebooted several times a day, after more days of this did a hard freeze again, got rma and refund, now looking for an older nexus 7 until problems are gone

  • nctalkinghead

    I’ve had mine since early August. It rebooted several times while I was reading a book on the Kindle app. I disabled Location Access and unchecked wifi scanning option. I have been up and running non-stop (over 300 hours) since making those changes. I have not accepted any updates either.

  • Randy

    My first one had quite a bit of rebooting going on both while sitting unused and while in use. I exchanged it for a new one the weeks ago and it has been good so far.

  • pj66

    Mine has been rebooting since day one. I’ve tried a factory reset with a partition wipe and that didn’t help. Running the tablet in safe mode doesn’t help either.

  • Bill Fischer

    Ours has been rebooting at least once a day. We are only using Facebook and K-9 mail. We have to stay away from writing long messages because of the reboots. We have been using it since Aug 4th and have the latest updates. Tried doing a factory restore. No change. We will return it to the store tomorrow for a replacement since it sounds like some units work properly and it’s not just a software problem.

  • guest

    I had the problem with reboots and power offs while in standby. At first I thought it might be software but even after the first update it continued. The tablet became unusable at one point. It would crash while doing mundane things and then not even reboot upon pressing the power button normally. I followed instructions for a reboot from the support forums (long press with power unplug replug longpress) and even that didn’t work sometimes. I have a replacement (thanks to Amazon’s replacement policy) coming tomorrow. If it doesn’t work properly I will be asking for a refund. My old Nexus 7 is still working fine and never crashes. The new one is very nice but if it isn’t reliable I wouldn’t buy it. I am guessing that the problem lies in quality control in their manufacturing system. A friend bought one and he hasn’t reported any problems with his. The bottom line is buy one from a reputable source with a good return policy and return it right away if you have problems.

  • David Foggia

    I had that problem by returned it and this new one I got seems to be working flawlessly.