New Ryse: Son of Rome gameplay divides opinion

By Alan Ng - Sep 2, 2013

If you are seriously considering picking up Ryse: Son of Rome as your first software purchase alongside the Xbox One launch, we have some new gameplay that we think may help to offer the deciding factor. The game has been shown at the ongoing PAX 2013 expo in Seattle, although we have to say that not everyone seems happy with the current state of the game.

If you saw gameplay videos of Ryse during E3, you would agree that the game was simply looking stunning both in the graphics and gameplay department. To us, it was arguably one of the best looking games at the entire E3 expo, with Crytek seemingly doing a great job in converting the title from its original Kinect roots.

Now, we see the latest build of the game at PAX, with Crytek showing off a two-player mode called Gladiator, which seems like Crytek’s take on the popular horde type of scenario, with two warriors teaming up to take down incoming soldiers and completing various objectives as you progress through the waves.

This video alone is ideal if you want to see actual gameplay of Ryse running on the Xbox One hardware – ie, no fancy cutscenes which may offer the wrong impression. We think the game looks great running in realtime, but it appears that many are not impressed.

If it bleeds, we can kill it.

If it bleeds, we can kill it.

If you look at the comments section of the above video, you’ll read feedback such as ‘What a mess, this game is so broken’, ‘Wtf is this, where is the game from E3’ and ‘so much fail’. It sounds very harsh to us, but then sometimes gamers can be very hard to please.

Don’t forget that this is just one aspect of Ryse as well – not the be all and end all of the main game. Does it really look that bad? We don’t think so.

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  • Lacerz

    I watched the Twitch feed and the gameplay looks horrible. Noticeably late hit detection, inaccurate hit boxes and even the people supposed to be demoing the thing were having control issues. With only two months to polish, this may be the next Colonial Marines.

  • Megaman

    Its because there sony Gaymers hating on the X1 ….sonys line up isnt even all that an its sad to see people bashing such a good looking game like this just for a copy cat system that the only good thing they ever done was put a DVD drive in the ps2 an if the system wasnt hackable an people couldnt play an watch bootleg games an movies sony wouldnt be where they were or are….microsoft may copy aswell but they dont copy print like sony they innovate

  • Xavier Parks

    Still day 1 purchase for me.