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Mighty No 9 brings Mega Man console dreams to life

If you are a fan of the old school Mega Man games, it looks like things are going to get very exciting for you indeed. Capcom may not be interested in reviving the series any time soon, but it looks like the original creator of the famous franchise has decided to take matters into his own hands.

That man is Keiji Inafune and we can tell you that he created the blueprint for a brand new adventure, a 2D action side-scroller that is going to be influenced by the original roots of Mega Man back on the NES. That game is called Mighty No 9 and it is the latest project to appear on the popular funding website Kickstarter.

Inafune is asking for help in order to make his dreams become reality and it looks like the massive Mega Man fanbase has responded. The project has only started a few days ago, but perhaps unsurprisingly the goal to build the game has almost been met.

The Japanese developer and his team at Comcast have asked for an initial target of $900,000. At this current time, we can tell you that the goal now stands at a wonderful $815,000 – after a start date of August 31. This means that focus can now switch to reaching some of the higher goals and in turn, a much more exciting prospect.

Beautiful concept art to get our juices flowing.
Beautiful concept art to get our juices flowing.

If the team reach the dizzy heights of $2,500,000, Inafune has promised to build the game on home consoles for PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U. At the moment though, Mighty No 9 is only intended for a release on PC – but we all know that can change once the different tiers are met.

That may seem like an unreachable target at first, but let’s not forget that $900,000 has almost been raised already by generous fans in the space of 48 hours. Watch the promo video to Mighty No 9 here and let us know if you would like to support this game.

Update: The goal has now been met Next stop, console versions!



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