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Killer Instinct new character tease could be Orchid

After some initial doubt during its main reveal at E3, it looks like Killer Instinct is set to be one of the highlights to pick up when the game is released as an Xbox One launch title. We have just had the confirmation of Chief Thunder, but now we know that the next new character unveil is a female and it could be none other than B.Orchid.

Veteran players of the original game on SNES and arcade will need no introduction as to who Orchid is. You only have to mention that infamous strip danger move for the memories to come flooding back, or indeed the only character with the ability to turn opponents into a squish-able frog.

We have seen Double Helix tease new characters at the end of gameplay clips as a standard method in the past and they have done it again with this mystery character. We have no idea who this warrior could be, but fans are already stating that it could be Black Orchid, or simply Orchid as she’s more commonly known.

It looks like the developers are trying to throw players off guard though if it is Orchid, as her appearance is completely different to the sexy leather theme that we have grown to love over the years.

She also appears to be rocking some rather lethal blade launchers attached to her arms – a change up from the twin baton sticks that were so deadly in the SNES and arcade original.

Is this Orchid or not?
Is this Orchid or not?

Is it really Orchid though? We’re not so sure, as it could be an entirely new entrant to the series and that is arguably more exciting since Orchid is bound to arrive soon or later. Check out the clip for yourself and let us know if you think it is Orchid or not.



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