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iRig Mic Cast for Android and iPhone

If you are looking for a decent accessory to assist in recording podcasts, voice memos, speeches and lectures the iRig Mic Cast could be the ideal addition to make the most out of your smartphone.

The iRig Mic Cast allows Android and iPhone users to record things like podcasts and your voice in a quick and easy manner with what is being classed as crystal-clear audio quality with minimal background noise.

Whether you a searching for something that enhances audio and voice quality of conference calls or to create great podcasts the iRig Mic Cast could be right up your street. Plugging the iRig Mic Cast into your headphone jack this product also comes with a useful stand and this product is ideally compatible with all iOS and Android devices.

The full extent of the features explaining what this does is detailed on IK Multimedia including a mini-switch that is available for those who intend to use this within close up or longer distances.

To see the iRig Mic Cast in action we have embedded a YouTube video at the bottom of this post which lasts around nine minutes. In this review we get the impression it works better with the iPhone, but what do you think?



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