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iOS 7 Gold Master one of two Tuesdays

With some websites still assuming we would see iOS 7 beta 7 last week, we have now dismissed this and so we now look towards the next step ahead of the final public release. The iOS 7 Gold Master release is still up for debate, so we thought we would try and bring something to the table to help make sense of it all.

Having studied what took place over the past couple of years we have come to two conclusions. iOS 7 GM could be released either tomorrow, which is one week before the iPhone 5S event, or could happen on the day of the Apple event, which is expected to be on Tuesday September 10, 2013.

However, there is another possibility because a developer e-mail was sent that states iOS 7 will be released to the public on the day of the iPhone event, which means next Tuesday.

With this in mind it puts more stock into the possibility of an iOS 7 Gold Master release tomorrow, and if it does we will be giving it a thorough test to see what improvements have been made.

We do have a hard time believing this though because that would mean iOS 7 PR would have been out for ten days before the iPhone 5S, as we believe Apple will release their new smartphone to select markets on September 20.

Speaking of the iPhone, we had assumed to see Apple invites go out either today or tomorrow, as we have usually been given 7 to 8 days warning before an iPhone event.

iOS 7 Gold Master could be released this Tuesday or next
iOS 7 Gold Master could be released this Tuesday or next

Going back to the main story, we have been checking for the past several hours to see if iOS 7 GM has been made available yet, but it is all very quiet. However, this could be the calm before the storm because once Apple release the Gold Master version that will be when the real excitement begins.

Do you still have problems with iOS 7 beta 6, and do you believe that Apple is ready considering we could be just a week away from a public release?

There are still issues with iOS 7 beta 6 and so Apple needs to make certain these problems have been addressed.

We are still seeing apps crash, but the biggest issue we have noticed is with call quality because in some cases the call made or answered on a device running iOS 7 could experience dropped calls still or even broken calls that are just to broken to understand.



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