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Battlefield 4 man vs tank gameplay

If you are looking forward to the release of Battlefield 4 on October 29, you are going to be even more pumped when you check out this short, but epic gameplay clip that we have to show you.

Battlefield 4 is obviously going to be featuring tank warfare once again, and now we have a little taster of some of the Battlefield 4 moments that are waiting to happen when you least expect it.

One of the best aspects of a Battlefield match, is that the totally unexpected can happen at any given time, in comparison to perhaps a Call of Duty match where the gameplay aspect may seem relatively straightforward.

To give you an idea of what we mean, EA has released a brief teaser for Battlefield 4, exposing some of the great opportunities that lie ahead for both tank operators and troopers on the ground. This particular clip shows a frantic race between a single soldier and a massive tank.

The tank fires endlessly trying to take out the soldier with its massive explosive rounds. However, the tank keeps missing the target, blowing a hole in the wall ahead, allowing the soldier to continue his epic escape from the tank.

Man vs tank? Man wins..
Man vs tank? Man wins..

This happens several times in quick succession, giving a whole new meaning to the term run and gun. We’re not entirely sure if this was pre-meditated, but it certainly looks like an awesome tactic to try out in a live match.

Check it out above to see the clip in question, but you can also check out several other videos featuring tanks over on the official Battlefield YouTube channel. Let us know if you will be trying this out when the game is released.



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