Nexus 5 specs for debatable size

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 1, 2013

The details about Nexus 5 specs are extremely vague and arrive from both apparent leaks and fan desires, but there is a consensus about some features of the next phone. The screen size and overall form factor is one of the most clear factors among the majority of fans wanting a new Nexus 5 from either LG or Motorola.

We have already seen a number of fan-made concepts for Nexus 5 and specs desired here almost always state a 5-inch plus display. This would make sense considering the Nexus 4 was sized at 4.7-inches, although that is not far away from the 5-inch mark.

Bigger screen equals Nexus 5 – in a nutshell, one way to look at the potential screen size for a Nexus 5 is that it will almost certainly be 5-inches but how far do the fans want the display to enter this size range? The majority wouldn’t want to see the next phone go as far as before, so that means not a 5.7-inch.

One commenter said, “Give us a fast Snapdragon 800 with a 5.2-inch screen”. These sorts of statements have met mixed reactions with some people feeling, “5.2-inch is too big” and others understanding that a lot of phones/phablets launch around this size now. “Wow, 5.2-inch phone that is, oh wait it’s not big. If you want a tiny phone go iPhone at 4-inches”.

We can understand why some people would want something smaller considering a phone-like size is normally seen as 4-inches, or at least within that size bracket. This is why even some potential Nexus 5 buyers want the specs to include a display still in the 4 to 5-inch range.

From what we have seen on Facebook, Google Plus and in a number of forums the majority want something in the range of a 5.2-inch display for Nexus 5. This will also fit very nicely with its name, if that did end up being the name after all and not Nexus 4 2.

2nd generation Google Nexus 4 – the brand behind the upcoming smartphone might have a lot to do with the name, although it is very possible to see the naming carry on like we saw with Nexus 7 2 or 2nd generation.

There are a lot of people that feel we could see a Nexus 5 name skipped and a few leaked specs point to the Nexus 4 2 name along with a release date late October or early November. Again you should take this with a pinch of salt until some sort of confirmation lands from Google.

Would you rather see a Nexus 5 or 2nd generation Nexus 4? Or do you feel that the naming has nothing to do with it and the next phone will be around 5.2-inches no matter what?

One Nexus 5 concept reveals how much bigger the phone could be when put side-by-side with an Apple iPhone 5. This reveals the difference between a 4-inch phone and 5-inches.

It is also worth noting that a number of shoppers are picking up the current generation right now thanks to some price cuts. This means a number of budget buyers are skipping the Nexus 5 without knowing its specs, which lands them a really cheap Nexus 4 instead.

One of the most recent Nexus 5 concept phone leaks can be seen in the video below this article, so take a look and let us know what you think about that design and your ideal screen size.

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  • all in one pocket

    While I agree with the tegra 4 idea and possibly HDMI port would be cool although miracast and a lot of TVs have that now but just about any TV should have HDMI capability. I hope it gets a smart dock like Samsung has. Also another grate copied from Samsung is the optional slide out keyboard via a case attachment. Smart dock should also have a phone sync that allows once you hook up to a TV or monitor with keyboard and mouse (can have 2 USB ports on the smart dock for wired keyboard and mouse) maybe a 3rd USB slot for flash drive or external Hard drive or card reader. Doing this will allow you to have a net top basically. Basically phones do so much reducing the number of devices needed like a GPS, mp3 player, home controller and PC controller, camera/camcorder/webcam, portable movie player, portable gaming device, etc. Imagine now your phone is a smooth net top with a smooth full desktop experience. This was pitched by Ubuntu in Ubuntu for android but is now relying on Ubuntu phone to kick Ubuntu for android off. With the new 1.8ghz-2.3ghz quad core phones and this possible 3gb ram, and 72 core tegra 4 gpu now, this should definitely work. I think a lot of people could go for this pitch. Maybe some day.

  • sk8rat

    those comments sound like what i said on another website…i think they’re quoting me!

  • Mason742

    Reduce the bezel, make it 5 inches and keep the original phone size of the nexus 4.

  • Arturius

    I hope it has a tegra 4 inside.. Nexus 7 went with a low clocked tegra 3 in the 2012 version which in a gaming scenario, it outperforms the new snapdragon s4 pro. However it could have had more justice if it was running at its original 1.6ghz design. That wouldn’t have been as cost effective in 2012 but it should be in 2013. I surely do hope they add an SD slot though and maybe HDMI mini or full size. Although what would surely set it apart from the nexus 4 is a slide QWARTY physical keyboard. However, the phone is designed, as observed, to be more cost friendly, yet still pretty high end. I would also like the cim slot to be easier to access, as well as the battery. I would trade the chargeable back for a physical keyboard or tegra 4 upgrade any day though. Anyway I believe this phone may be revealed September or October with android 5.0 in preparation for the Holliday’s. Here’s to hoping.