New BlackBerry 9720 arrives in UK

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 1, 2013

The new BlackBerry 9720 smartphone has hit its release date in the UK and landed on Carphone Warehouse within the last couple of days. The announcement was made on BlackBerry’s UK Facebook page, which saw the small status update send followers to the UK mobile phone retailer.

We touched on what looked like the new BlackBerry 9720 design back in July after a leak arrived on Twitter. The design we saw then has turned out to be the real deal after looking at official pictures since. You could easily see back then that this smartphone was designed with the budget buyer in mind.

Carphone Warehouse tags the new BlackBerry 9720 as a phone perfect for those using social networks a lot, just about all of us, and this is thanks to new software and the newly designed QWERTY keyboard to make sharing a lot easier.

The BlackBerry 9720 lands in the UK at Carphone Warehouse

The BlackBerry 9720 lands in the UK at Carphone Warehouse

The UK price for BlackBerry 9720 starts at FREE if you are on a contract above £11 per month, or it will set you back £129.95 and up depending on the pay as you go deal you choose.

You can also purchase the new BlackBerry 9720 outright for just under £170 in the UK. Take a look at the Carphone Warehouse page to learn more about the finer details, or leave a comment with your thoughts on the phones design.

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    Shut up amanda

  • Amanda Jane McGuire-Jones

    No wonder they are failing – they move on then their going BackWards. BB7 was the biggest s**t ever!!! If people wanted a crappy BB7 phone they would go out & buy one… Sorry but nobody will want to buy this piece of crap!