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LG G2 review bares ambitious phone

No one can deny how bad things have been for LG in recent times in terms of the smartphone market, and while they have released several flagship smartphones during the past couple of years, they have not been able to make the sort of impression on the market that they had hoped.

The problem is, Samsung has proven tough to beat and so LG needs a hero device, and the LG G2 review says this is an ambitious phone that tries to outgrow, outpace and outsmart its rival, but do you think it has what it takes?

You already know those main LG G2 specs from this benchmark, which include a larger screen, faster processor and improved social features than the Galaxy S4. You don’t have to look hard to see that both handsets have a similar physique, which isn’t a bad thing, although we feel LG should have given the plastic back a miss, as you can often hear a creaking sound from the rear cover.

The LG G2 has a huge weight on its shoulders, but the phone is up for the challenge
The LG G2 has a huge weight on its shoulders, but the phone is up for the challenge

While LG has not gone over the top with the design, they have tried something a little different, and that is to place the buttons you usually get on the side onto the rear of the device. In the video review below they make a point that it did not make the overall experience worse, but then again it did not make it better either – so a bit of a pointless change.

Overall, this is a mixed bag of a review but it is very clear that LG needs to start doing their own thing and stop copying Samsung. Having said that, it is karma that Samsung should be the one to be copied. Maybe it is for this sort of reason why Google could be in partnership with someone else for the Nexus 5?



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