GTA V PC, PS4, Xbox One release silence

By Alan Ng - Sep 1, 2013

With Rockstar now releasing the official launch trailer for GTA V ahead of the big September 17 release date, all eyes are on how long the developer intends to keep patient, but frustrated fans waiting regarding a PC release.

We typically see a PC release around six months after the console version, but doubts are starting to creep in now, with Rockstar even refusing to give the slightest indication that a PC version is on the way towards the early stage of 2014.

There’s also the new possible ultimatum for Rockstar, on having to decide when or even if to release a next-gen version of GTA V on Xbox One and PS4. Some PC gamers are also worried that the arrival of next-gen systems may even result in Rockstar choosing to focus on next-gen consoles in 2014 instead, leaving a PC version of GTA V doubtful altogether.

Hopefully that won’t be the case though and Rockstar are just biding their time in order to build up hype (not that it needs any) for the console release. A logical move would then be to put all of their resources into the PC version, release it in Q1 2014 and then port the PC version over to Xbox One and PS4 ready for a Summer release.

Is it somewhat strange that Rockstar has said nothing at all regarding a PC release, or just business as usual for the traditionally laid back developer? Just thinking about the GTA V mod possibilities on PC makes us contemplate what a disaster it would be if Rockstar chooses not to release for Windows.

With the main trailer out for the game and not a word regarding PC or next-gen platforms, Are you now starting to get a little nervous that Rockstar are planning to change their tactics?

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  • Steve Brain

    They have pretty much entirely ruled out ps4/X1 releases. Google it.
    That being said there’s no word for a PC release.
    But of course there will be 🙂

  • Herve Shango

    I will defo wait for gta V PC version because i honestly think the gaming experience will be 100x better than a console

    • AllHardwareNoSoftware

      And you’ll torrent it for free….that’s why you’ll be waiting…a loooong time for it to release on PC…thge only reason this game is so awesome as they make people actually pay for the game via only releasing on consoles for the main revenue generating period ie 6 months after release…

      • Herve Shango

        yh im going to wait i want to play on pc

      • griddark

        does it matter if you torrent it for pc, how does that differ to torrenting it for xbox, or ps3? people who pirate the game were never going to buy it anyway. people need to get over the pirate mentality. the reason piracy isn’t as prevalent on consoles, is more stupid people use consoles than pc.

  • GamerDoctor

    I have a console (PS3) but have been only playing in the past year on my high-end PC. I’ve decided to wait for the PC version (a tough decision as I love GTA) because my PC provides a better gaming experience in my opinion than the consoles. If R* decides to skip the PC, I have BF4 and Watchdogs to make up for it… and i’ll buy GTA V for PS3 from a bin in 6-12 months from now.

  • Luther

    To be honest, I don’t like consoles. Not because I think they are inferior to a pc which I think can be argued on both sides; next gen consoles will be more streamlined to games which provides ample and easy use of gaming with decent quality for the users whilst pc gaming can be updated and tweaked to provide a more personalised gaming experience set around the users preference. In short consoles are good, optimised but generic and a pc is good optimisable and personal.
    However the reason I want to see gta v on a PC is because I prefer and keyboard and a mouse plain and simple.

  • Sean in NC

    Rockstar would be stupid not to release it for PC. Half of their sales from iv came from the PC. If they don’t release it on PC then oh well, I guess I won’t buy it. I’m not going to buy a crappy console for 1
    stupid game. Good thing watchdogs is right around the corner. I can spend my money there instead. Not gonna hold my breath for a PC version.

  • Johni KinG

    R* please don’t ignore PC…because making and designing a Game is always on PC not on consoles, its impossible without PC…i don’t know what is the problem with Rockstar….it doesn’t matter how much specifications and space does it requires, we have better PCs

  • flashpoint

    How to stop piracy:

    1 ) Make the installation so it would connect to an X database on Rockstar servers.
    2 ) Make the customer/client make an account on that server
    3 ) Server asks the a serial code
    4 ) Server verifies it and lets you continue install the game
    5 ) The server generates a new serial code for you to use.
    6 ) That key is used to activate the game on Steam
    7 ) A second key is generated and it used in game on Social Club/GFWL
    8 ) Simple enough, and PC gamers get to have a PC version of GTA 5.

    • Kastrenzo

      That’s called DRM and it still doesn’t always work

      • flashpoint

        For one game it worked.

        HAWX 2, no cracked version yet…

      • flashpoint

        Or looks like there is one now, not sure if it works though.

      • flashpoint

        and I also never seen a DRM to that extent.

    • griddark

      People don’t skip release on PC because of piracy, it has to do with charts, effort, and revenue. PC gamers pay less for games, because they are smarter, the best example, when Call of Duty Black Ops 2 came out, I got it for $48 release day, 8hrs before my mates who pre-ordered it, my PS3 friend though he got a deal because at $99 he paid $10 less than my xbox mate. (I got it earlier because I bought it online through an american vendor, they waited for midnight launch here in australia)

      • flashpoint

        Or console gamers can be smart too.

        Every time people buy games on release date, and 2 days later they sell those games on craigstlist/kijiji for like 49 bucks.

  • Scott Sykes

    Sat having a fosters radler, quite refreshing as it goes

  • crystal goodman

    I would like to see what rockstar is gonna do if gta v dosent get the right amount of sales! Cause alot of people refuse to buy the ps3 version just because they preordered a ps4

  • crystal goodman

    Rockstar has to release it people should be able to play the game on whatever console they pleased and with the new consoles coming out rockstar should reconsider!

    • JL

      Good point; it’s all about having options, and both console and PC gamers should have the chance to play GTA 5. I really can’t see R* shafting PC gamers, though, and anyone who knows their history shouldn’t be surprised that they haven’t talked about a PC version – that’s just how R* rolls, they don’t reveal a lot about their plans. As for the next consoles, consider that GTA 3 and Vice City are on Android – so do you really think that R* is going to ignore the 800 ton gorillas from MS and Sony? There’s gonna be a next gen version of GTA 5, and it’ll come with whatever DLC is released between Sept. 17 and whenever it’s released.

      • crystal goodman

        I hope it comes out for pc xbox 1 and ps4

    • griddark

      There really isn’t any reason to release on PC, look at GTA4, it was such a bad port, rockstar doesn’t make PC games anymore, they make ports, and poor ones.

  • JL

    Console gaming is better FOR ME because I prefer the consolidated, more focused experience. The lower cost overall is a plus too. I can afford a game rig, but why spend more to play the same games? I don’t care if PC games are shinier, paying one price for a machine that plays games for 5+ yrs is better to me. But this is of course my preference and I’ve nothing against PC gamers.

    Now, if R* ignores PC (not likely) and the next consoles with them releasing just two months after GTA 5, then that would be royally stupid.

    • Guest

      gta v is not low cost mate think again it is way more expensive on consoles than pc

      • griddark

        I agree, by the time you’ve bought your games, even if you get them second hand, chances are PC gamers over the 5 year period will save enough $$ to get their PC upgraded to next-gen level again, I save on average around $40-$50 per game, if I wait for steam summer sales I can save more.
        Even on 0-day release I can save upward of $30-40 due to no region restriction on most release platforms, I can buy cheaper russian version of the game, change the language to english and there you go. Mass Effect 3, release date $38. CodBops2 $48. The list is long and even with exclusives on consoles, I couldn’t find the money to switch.

  • Guest

    Rockstar may be considering avoiding a PC all together simply because of piracy issues.

    • esdesseserd

      You can pirate easily on consoles as well -_-

      • Tornado

        No, you can’t…

        • flashpoint

          Yes, you can.

          Tornado probably know no thing about piracy. You can download anything, for anything. Simple as that. You can also download top-secret document files from the government if you know where to look for it.

        • StopThief

          Average gamers cannot pirate on consoles as easy as they can on PC. If you think that it is just as easy on consoles you are delusional, mate. I hope they don’t release on PC for at least 6 months coz that way it will generate even more revenue and GTA VI will be that much better…there are a lot of people out there who will go out and buy it on console rather than wait 6 months to Torrent it. Whereas if they could torrent day 1, they would.

        • flashpoint

          You can download it.

          HAWX 2, PC, was out for a long time, and people still haven’t figured out how to crack it properly..

          So R* can pretty much do the same thing.

          Also you can torrent games easily for xBox, PS, etc, but if you get cuaght your account will be banned.

          But you probably need a cracked xBox/PS ( jtag etc ) to play them.

        • Kastrenzo

          Average gamers can’t even figure out how to torrent period. PC or Console,

          most idiots don’t even know what a torrent is. or what is involved with piracy, you are not downloading a game, you are sharing files across a web of people, stemming from one person who leaked the game

        • Kastrenzo

          Yes, you can. and it happens, more than you think

          Go on a pirate site and look for any AAA game, Console torrents will be just as high if not higher than PC torrents for the same AAA game.

          Stop trying to blame a few bad apples for an entire platform following, you do not get the right to judge and label people based on what little, biased information you know on the subject

    • Kastrenzo

      Do you speak for Rockstar? No.

  • Shubham Sharma

    big ,very big loss of rockstar

  • w13

    If R* screws over PC gamers, PC gamers will screw them right back; and R* can forget about ever making money on any future PC game they decide to release.

    • toaster

      haha ya right dude. You wish.

      the truth of the matter is they got you by the balls and there is nothing you can do about it. Even if you decide to never buy there games again to prove your point, someone else will and only you will suffer while they continue to rake in money for their next project.

      • w13

        There is always a moron who decides to support a company that continually screws them over.
        Hurting your self-interests seems to be a common trend among many people these days, it is rather sad to watch.

      • Kastrenzo

        There are plenty of better games and studios out there than rockstar,

        the only people R* Has by the balls are PS4/XBO/PC users who want GTA V now.

  • Jimmy

    Well they need to release pc version due to max Payne 3 due to saying that if buy mp3 than you can make crews for gta v ill demand a refund for false advertising

  • Tech Enthusiast

    I cant believe what im reading here about PC’s… Are you kids that stupid or what? Every 500€ PC case will beat PS4 and Xbox ONE, but its a marketing that puts PC behind for them to sell their consoles. I do say that there is some good franchises for consoles, like forza or some funny family 2 or 4 player games, and I bought X360 before GTA V release, and moistly because GTA V… But all in all, (just 500€ PC) will beat next gen consoles, I dont need to say what will haswell and GTX do to it. hahahaha

    • jammi

      A current £500 PC is not going to stay ahead of the next gen consoles for long, This is the problem, at the moment the next gen consoles games won’t be using 50% of the hardware’s potential.

      When console developers create a game, they have to optimise it to run on only two consoles and then port it to a PC version which could be using any hardware the consumer has. The hardware figures themselves in the next gen consoles are poor compared to a current £500 pc, but this won’t translate into the real performance in the future.

      Buying a budget PC will require upgrades to keep up with new games that the next gen consoles will be running.

      • Berenost

        see, this is where i believe you are mistaken. next gen games will be easier to port than ever before.

        Especially if you look at the actual specs of the consoles, they are in and of themselves, gaming pc’s, both with 8GB RAM, Blu-Ray drives, AMD Radeon GPU’s.

        the only hang up i can see is that unlike Sony, who is going with an AMD Octa-core CPU (more mainstream), Microsoft is going with a proprietary octa-core cpu, performance as of yet undisclosed to my knowledge.

        that M$ CPU might be a hang up depending on its specs as far as ports are concerned, though at this point i am highly optimistic.

        • jammi

          This is true, but the question is whether the game developers will really want to bother optimising games to perform better on the PC. The console will remain the mainstream gaming platform for the forseeable future and has a long way to come.

          I expect the benefit we will see on the PC though is much more multi-core optimisation coming into games and I expect this really close the efficiency gap. But I still believe there will be a lag behind the consoles in current budget PC gaming setups as games evolve, simply due to the fact there is no hardware variation whatsoever for developers to worry about. Just an opinion though.

      • Kastrenzo

        if a 500 PC is ahead of consoles in october, it will be ahead of consoles forever.

        you can’t upgrade the hardware of a console..

        • jammi

          So you think a budget 500 pc from 2006 can run games with the graphics a 360 can now?

          I know the architecture is slightly different now, but you obviously don’t understand this whole hardware optimisation thing.

        • Kastrenzo

          you obviously don’t understand that Consoles cannot go past their initial hardware limits, while PCs are free to improve their hardware as much as they like.

          Optimisation only goes so far.

        • jammi

          Of course I understand that, but PC’s never run games at their hardware limits. Buy a 500 PC now, and in 7 years play a latest release and it will look better on the next gen console than it will on your PC with 0 upgrades since.

          I prefer PC gaming and it does provide vastly superior performance, but you can’t maintain it on a budget.

        • wooolo

          I have a PC that cost exactly £500 and I got it last year.

          It can run games like Bioshock Infinite on max and Far Cry 3 on Ultra. I probably will need to upgrade my graphics when the next-next gen of consoles comes out (ps5 or whatever) so im all set!

        • flashpoint

          probably with 15 – 25 fps.

        • hergblerg

          The games are significantly cheaper on PC aswell. Though the buy in is more, for a solid gaming rig your looking like 1200, 500 is dreaming. but when you can max panye 3 for 10 bucks and Metro LL for 20$ right no on steam it saves in the long term. If you buy a 15-1600 pc it will be better then this gens consoles and likely comparable to next gens aswell.

        • Moses

          i got a pc for £761.59 and that can run games on high

        • JL

          True, optimisation has a limit, but that doesn’t mean that it makes no difference. Compare the console versions of Mass Effect 1 to ME 3, Gears of War 1 to GoW 3 and Tomb Raider Legend to Tomb Raider. You will see the difference that firmware optimisation can make, combined with the experience developers have with a console over time, designing engines that get more out of the consoles.

        • Kastrenzo

          Mass effect 2 and 3 also had a much larger budget than the original..

        • Xaxxus

          If the budget PC in 2006 has better or equivalent hardware specs to the consoles, then yes, it can run the game like a 360 can.

          Just requires the user to tweak the .ini files and graphics settings to make them the same as the 360.

          What do you think hardware optimization is? Its just the devs tweaking the game graphics/game engine to get the best bang for buck out of the hardware. You can pretty much do that with ANY pc game via the graphics options menu.

          Try playing skyrim or far cry 3 on a console, and then play it on a PC. The console version will have game details dialed way down to the low-medium range.

          The only reason PC gamers need to upgrade their computers is to handle games on MAX detail and get the most out of the games. If you wanted to play a game with console levels of detail you could do it with a budget PC.

  • J.T.

    All games are made on a PC first, without PCs you console gamers wouldn’t even have games in the first place, so PCs aren’t garbage, and they’re not only for internet browsing and word processing. That’s like saying your consoles aren’t allowed to browse the internet anymore cause they’re only meant for gaming and nothing else. PCs have more uses than your inferior console will ever have.

    • AllHardwareNoSoftware

      It is about consistency. And economics. I can afford a better gaming PC that most of those PC gamers living in their parent’s basement. However, to do so I have a demanding job, so I cannot be bothered sitting in my study at night to play games and look at a monitor (as I do all day). Therefore, most of us with the money to buy AAA titles just prefer kicking back in the theatre and firing up a dedicated console. Secondly, froma dev point of view. Which set of PC hardware do you shoot for? The $5,000 premium gaming PC? Or a $500 budget PC? I mean look at GTAV where they have been able to optimise the consoles that all the PC gamers tell us is 7 yo hardware. Answer this. Why did PC games not look like GTAV 7 years ago? It’s because it is smarter from a commercial point of view to develop for a hardware varitaion that 30%-40% of the gaming market shares. And now, with the next gen, as the systems are very similar that % goes to about 80%. So PC gamers better get used to only being able to turn certain discrete settings up on games, even in 5 years, as games will be primarily designed for consoles. But feel free to spend $5,000 so you can brag about certain specs that will never be required…it’s your parent’s money after all so who am I to tell you how to spend it.

      • Tornado

        Well said, that’s why I prefer console gaming 🙂

    • Johni KinG

      @j.t you are absolutely right…

  • Mikeyjackson6969

    Yeah computers are just useless pieces of garbage. LOL

    • Kastrenzo

      useless pieces of garbage that make the world work, including making all your video games for your living room game box.

    • Samuel Gagné Martel

      You seem to forget that PC’s are used to make your console games. That and my 2 year old PC is still at least twice as powerful as 2 PS4 ductaped together. And I can upgrade whenever I want to. I have mods, free patches, a way better community… Oh right, I actually play with adults. Not 12 years old kids.

    • Ryan BurnsRed

      What’s ironic is that he probably posted this using a computer.
      Are people really this dense?

      • T C

        Thats called sarcasm dufus.

      • Xaxxus

        Note the “LOL” pretty sure it was sarcasm

        • flashpoint

          I never say LOL when I am in Sarcasammode.exe

  • Ben

    Hope fully it doesnt geta pc release. pcs are meant for internet browsing and word processing. buy a console if you want to play games.

    • Calvin Delplesche

      lol how old are you like 10 years old, PC are the ultimate gaming machine and consoles are for kids like yourself who can’t convince their parents to pull out the greens for a gaming PC. PS4 and XBOX ONE are gonna perform like entry level gaming PC. No doubt PC are meant for browsing etc. but thats all your PC at home is meant to do because it can’t do anything else heheheheheheeee

      • George Sumpner

        LOL I think you fell for the Troll.

        I actually only use a PC at work, when i am at home i just use a tablet.

        I can do everything on my tablet (Nexus 7) that i personally need to do, i haven’t booted my PC up for about a year now.

    • Isaac

      Are you serious?

      Oh god, please be a troll…

    • badsmel

      Im with Ben on this. The last thing i used my pc for was as a paper weight to stop my parents piles of money from flying about the place (looking at you calvin) I tried to use one as a cheese grater once but it just got stuck in the fan thingy….

      • Calvin Delplesche

        heheheheee spoken like a real mama’s boy who can’t afford a real performance PC, the cost of one of my GPU can buy 2 PS4. I don’t blame you all here who can’t afford a gaming PC so i guess hating is to be expected. One thing you’ll console fans fail to realize is that 90% of gamers who own a gaming PC also own a console but its what provides the better gaming experience that counts

        • Moses

          i can thats why i chose pc over them outdated next gen consoles

  • Azurium

    I believe that Rockstar will eventually release GTA V on the PC. I think that they’re releasing it on the consoles first so that they can make more money. If they were to release it on PC at the same time as the consoles, people would pirate the game on PC and not buy GTA V legitimately, which would result in a loss of profit.

    • hoods

      ya rgt!! and also that there’s GTA Online too, rockstar can’t neglect PC users

    • ItaliaPrime

      Sorry to burst your bubble but PS3 and Xbox have a huge assortment of torrents available. Those with jailbroken systems may play GTA V earlier than those whom payed.

      • badsmel

        You cant argue the point he was clumsily making that a lot more people pirate games on pc than on consoles…. I wish i was a pirate, that would be cool…

        • Cody Woodward

          That statement was right and wrong i would believe more people would pirate Xbox 360 games because they will have access to the online multiplayer on almost 100% of games released with the exception of EA’s BF3 and a few other EA games that require a origin key.

          And it’s really easy to flash the older gen xbox 360’s with the exception of the dg-16d2s that requires a probe.

          Me personally think consoles are throw away toys they always have over heating problems like RROD, YLOD, E74, and so on they always first come out looking like a work of art then as they fight to keep people buying them they make them slim and cheaper.

          I haved owned 3 60GB PS3’s that where reverse compatible i liked this model as it had the 4 usb ports and chrome they all died from YLOD.

          And i have owned to many xbox 360’s and they all died of something in the end.

          My gaming pc has never let me down i don’t get virus’s as i am careful of what i download and the sources i download from yea pc’s cost allot more but with a computer you can build a cheap one and if you want higher quality and detail in games you can upgrade it so your games load faster with a raid 0 array and faster ram faster CPU higher preforming graphics acceleration.

          If GTA V does not come out on pc i don’t think i will buy it i am sorry rockstar but i don’t own a game console and i never will they are just a useless waste of money i think i will invest into the steam box before i buy another console from Microsoft or Sony.

          And for the retards out there who truly believe consoles are the master race you need to do some reading news flash they are for simple minded people who don’t know how to look after a computer and not fill it with virus’s that slow it down.

        • JL

          I must say your rant successfully rapes the english language, but that’s really all it accomplishes. Calling others retarded and simple minded makes YOU sound like an ignorant a$$hole. Why all the hate for consoles? Don’t you have something better to do than hurl ridiculous insults at consoles and the people who play them?

    • w13

      That is simply not true.
      The only PC games people pirate are the ones that have draconian DRM that prevents people who actually bought the game from playing it.
      Just look at what happened to EA’s latest Sim City because or DRM and constant on connection requirements; or search how Ubisoft had to backpaddle to win back paying PC gamers after they put always-on connection DRM on some of their games.
      90% of PC gamers would happily buy all games outright if it wasn’t for stupid DRM some gaming studios, in all their wisdom, push onto PC gamers.