Surface Pro 2 launch avoided by price conscious

By Peter Chubb - Aug 31, 2013

Having already seen that the Nexus 4 has gone down in price, which gave us the impression that consumers on a budget will pass on the Nexus 5 because of making a huge saving. We now find it interesting to see those who have been wanting a Surface Pro 2 might now reconsider, as the current model has been reduced in price.

The new Microsoft Surface Pro price drop is £80 in the UK, so instead of paying £719 you now pay just £639. This is the same for those in the US, although they have a $100 saving, as the price was $799 for the 64GB version but is now $699 instead.

We had assumed this to be a limited time offer, but Microsoft has since confirmed this is the new price and it will not go back up. So what does this mean for those who had been thinking about holding off for the Surface Pro 2 release?

It is no secret that sales of the Surface RT and Pro have been a little lackluster, and so Microsoft has been forced to implement a few price cuts, and this is just the latest. We know they are already working on a new line of Pro devices, and the RT is said to not be part of it, which isn’t a surprise to us.

Do you think that Microsoft has done this to help increase sales of the Surface Pro, or can we take this as a sign that a sequel is due very soon? Personally we believe the former to be true because it is just too soon for Microsoft to be releasing the Surface Pro 2nd generation just yet.

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  • maeneak

    Not so patiently waiting…

  • gadgety

    I’m waiting for Haswell/Surface Pro 2. Hopefully it’ll have a bay for the pen as well.

  • Illusive Man

    My advice would be not to buy a current gen Surface not because they are bad devices, quite the contary. Dont buy because the Surface line wont truly be ready for primetime til haswell.

  • Stucky

    Portable versus mobile is what Microsoft should be focusing on. My old N7 goes virtually everywhere with me…because it can. It fits (usually well) into a pants pocket so I can “store it” there without the need for extra carrying cases. The increase in size for the Acer Iconia W3 on the other hand, does not (and makes for some nasty interface issues with the onscreen keyboard if your hands are smaller than Michael Jordan’s in portrait mode). So that means I can forget about something as large as a Surface.

    7 inch is the sweetspot for size for me. small enough that I can carry it without extra baggage, but large enough that I can see and work with screen text.

    I know better than to think I would get a Tablet factor ultrabook at 7 inch tablet prices, nor am I foolish enoguh to expect such a tiny form factor to pack in all the power of said ultrabook and not suffer slightly from battery issues under heavy mobile use. Still, it shouldn’t be that hard to make a PC a mobile platform these days. I remember from personal experience that there used to be these things called UMPCs, so I’d dare anybody to start saying such a small device isn’t possible with current technology. Throw in LTE swapable sims (ah la the next generation N7) and you’ve made a golden goose in my opinion. Bluetooth functionality and USB docks can turn even the smallest screens into a useful workstation. Add Skype or other phone applications into the mix and you end up with an all-in-one device that can act as your tablet, smartphone, and desktop.

  • Terry

    There should be a lot of pent up demand for the Surface Pro 2. Haswell should mean this tablet can be truly portable. The market segement is not the budget conscious group. Those can wait for Silvermont tablets to come out.

  • Travis E

    I just want a Surface Pro 2… been waiting since the announcement of Haswell for Microsoft to improve on what is already more capable than any other tablet/laptop out there.

    Tired of waiting hurry up already. As for cost, if your waiting for a Surface Pro 2 and expect it to be cheap quit kidding yourself.

    • esail

      It is supposed to release October 18th. along with windows 8.1