PS4 full game install on internal drive only

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 31, 2013

We can confirm the Sony PS4 will be able to perform a full game install to deliver some of the benefits Xbox 360 owners had last generation, which included faster load times. As we reviewed games regularly on both the PS3 and Xbox 360, we did notice the Xbox 360 disc drive making a lot of noise and after a full game install the machine became a lot more silent along with running cooler.

It is common sense that the less a CD/Blu-ray has to spin, then the less heat that will be produced and as such this full game install ability on the PS4 will be welcomed by all that don’t play too many games at once.

The feature is best used by installing your most used games to the Sony PS4 and that way you won’t use all your hardware space up, which can be easily done if you have a lot of games.

Shuhei Yoshida confirmed being able to install a full game to the PS4 on Twitter within the last 24 hours. The clarity came after one gamer asked if they would be able to do “full game installs to HDD from disc” on PS4.

At first Yoshida simply said, “yes”, but more confirmation came later about what storage solutions could run a game with a full install. After Yoshida was asked if external hard drives could handle an installed game, the answer was a simple “no”.

Are you happy you can perform a full game install on PS4? You should see the official Twitter account for Shuhei Yoshida if you want to read his latest tweets, or even have a question you want to ask directly.

If you want to hear about another previously hidden feature for PS4, then take a look at this article that looks at purchasing a PS4 game on smartphones and how this will wake your PS4 up to start the download.

We are sure many other PS4 features we don’t yet know will arrive towards the release date and also in firmware updates after the launch.

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  • Sam

    It will be a nice addition, depends how quick it installs. Not that bothered though as the PS3 plays games fine from disk & PS4 drive is supposed to be 3 times faster & the system still runs cooler. Can see me installing CoD Ghosts on the drive though.

  • minhin

    Xbox one allows game installation, music, video on external HDD. In this case, If Sony PS4 won’t allow that unless you upgrade the internal HDD, then there’s limitation that PS4 can’t do.

    • Craig Sloan

      The difference is on X1 you have to install things to the HDD on the PS4 it’s optional.

      • minhin

        Is that a bad things? You mean in PS4, when you buy a digital games, you have the option not to install and play based of memory? Unless, you buy a physical disc games then you have the option to install to HDD or not. That so called option to install to HDD or not is not an advantage to me. I am not going to explain why it’s better to install games on HDD.

        • Craig Sloan

          On the X1 you install the games directly to the HDD that’s F U C K I N G retarded. That takes up so much room games like Metal gear V will take up 1/10 of your 500gb memory because the games are so big. Games that are 30, 40 and even 50 gb will take up so much room because they have to be installed into the HDD. Sony games don’t have to do that if they are physical only if they are digital so if your getting 10 big games for X1 your memory is gone because of their install memory structure.

          You can hate but it’s true.

        • minhin

          which is why you can add more capacity without replacing the original drives unlike PS4. Playing through the physical disc are so 80’s, even PC games installed directly to HDD. At the very least, I can just buy 4 TB drives via USB 3 and be done.
          Oh get this, if I want to play at my friend house who has X1, I just plug my external HDD. I am not worry about scratches or cracked. How would you do it on PS4? Oh I forgot you just play it thru the disc. Good Luck with the 80’s

        • Josh101

          The 80’s were awesome. Honestly, I love a tangible item, especially when I pay upwards of 60$ for the item in question.