iOS 7 Gold Master release obviously next

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 31, 2013

Now that we are a week on from our previous look at a possible iOS 7 beta 7 release happening before Gold Master, it seems that this possibility has almost vanished thanks to the launch window closing. Apple is expected to send out event invitations in 2 to 3 days time, so this only leaves room now for an iOS 7 Gold Master before the public release date expected in September.

It is thought that the next Apple keynote will take place on September 10, 2013. This event should see a new iPhone 5S and 5C detailed alongside the release of iOS 7 Gold Master to developers, which leaves a couple of weeks before it ends up in consumer hands along with a new 7th generation iPhone.

iOS 7 problems continue – we have mentioned a few issues our in-house developer has had with iOS 7 beta 6 on a number of occasions. Most of these issues are expected to be fixed in the iOS 7 Gold Master or final release version, but some people wonder if some of their issues will be fixed in time.


The Messages app crashing in iOS 7 and some reports of Safari crashing join a list of other more minor problems. When it comes to 3rd party apps, most of those problems will need a fix from the developer responsible but we did see the Google Plus app improve in iOS 7 beta 6 with a lot less crashing.

What would you like fixed in iOS 7 Gold Master? Have you had problems with the Messages app crashing as our developer experienced, and do you think a beta 6 should have been released last week?

You should expect the iOS 7 beta problem to be finished now and Gold Master to go live before or on the September 10 Apple event.

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  • Julio

    Why doesn’t iphone 4 have airdrop?

    • Kenny Strawn

      Because AirDrop requires a 5GHz Wi-Fi radio due to the mobile version of it making use of the 802.11ac standard (without any fallback standard for 2.4GHz Wi-Fi hardware). Unfortunately all iPhones before the 5 only have 2.4GHz radios…

      • Terminator

        What bulls**t. It only needs wifi and Bluetooth, with no restrictions on the wifi protocol. I think Marketing made the call, not Technical.

  • Julio

    Anyone else having the same problem???

  • Julio

    Safari still crashes, and I can’t download apps after the new beta 6 download. Help!! I’ve tried everything.

  • Faiz Saleem

    Older betas of iOS 7 had a dark keyboard in Safari Private Browsing, to match with the rest of the UI. In b6, the keyboard remains white, which looks out of place.

    Also, the phone crashes when trying to modify subtitles settings (for me, anyway) from Settings > General > Accessibility > Subtitles & Captioning > Style.

    • Anon

      It does for me also

  • Guest


  • jeevak

    iphone 4s user-camera app crashes when u take a photo…in fact any app associated with the camera, i.e instagram crashes when a snap is taken. safari crashes when you browse, the phone just crashes, battery life is extremely moody. hope to God the GM version takes care of these issues

  • Louis Morrison

    And yes panoramic effect would be nice on the iPhone 4 they took it off which idk why

  • Louis Morrison

    iPhone 4 lock and home screen pictures are to big. Keyboards are different in some apps, boot screen takes forever to come on and glitches up on boot. Message app crash and safari as well. We need new emojis!! We show be able to change our front as well and keyboards. And a quicker way to reply to messages.

  • timoapple89

    Of fund

  • timoapple89

    I want panoramic effect offund screens back because it was great before that it disappears in the beta 3. thank you here is a apple if it corige 🙂

  • ozefkppo

    Contact editing crashes when you want to edit a contact and slides down do add more rows.

  • Robbie

    FaceTime crashes when you accept then the iPhone/iPad restarts then you have to call them back, iMessages crashes, wifi doesn’t connect all the time constantly switching to 3G!, group messages when can we finally leave the group?

  • Anon

    The signal bars! It always shows I have full signal which isn’t right

  • derp

    Are those pictures really what ios7 is going to look like? It looks horrible!

    • herp


      • Anonymous

        I believe they’ve been stretched..