Galaxy S5 premium design hints non-removable battery

By Peter Chubb - Sep 4, 2013

We’ve had some conflicting reports when it comes to what material the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be made from. At first we assumed metal, then it was carbon fiber, and now it is metal once again, although this kind of makes sense. We say this because the HTC One has proven very popular because its mix of high-end hardware and premium design.

However, there are flaws with the design of the HTC One one of which is not having a removable battery. This would mean the Galaxy S5 premium design would hint at the fact there could also be a non-removable battery, which could be a huge negative for the phone.

In most cases phones made from metal will not have the ability to have a removable battery, something we know has proven very popular in the past for the Galaxy S range.

Before we get too ahead of ourselves here, this is just a rumor and we still have around 8 months for the release of the Samsung Galaxy S5 and no doubt there will be other rumors to dismiss this latest one.

However, it is clear many Galaxy S3 and S4 owners are looking for a radical design change, and that would mean moving away from the cheaper polycarbonate material.

Are you in favor of a metal Galaxy S5 even it if meant sacrificing a removable battery?

Moving away from the seriousness of how Samsung will design the successor to the S4, we thought you would like a look at several Galaxy S5 concepts, just to see what is possible.

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  • sameera

    That means I don’t want metal or carbon fiber exterior. The same plastic used in s4 is more than enough. But there should be a lot of new features inside.

  • sameera

    I definitely don’t care about the exterior materials. I jst want some kick ass new features inside the phone. Just like previous galaxy s series had been.

  • Dashi John M. Debellotte

    Hell no, the Droid X was metal and had a metal battery door. I don’t want to hear any excuses from Samsung. Unless the battery lasts a week or has a kinetic recharging unit built inthat all ows it to charge as I walk I better be able to change the battery!

  • truth

    if we know it would be a big mistake do you think the guys at samsung dont know? they could try and make it work with the metal material with the aability to take the battery out. just saying

  • Gdm Laz

    Nope I love being able to swap out my battery……. One of the reasons I went with the galaxy over the htc one