PS4 Vs Xbox One exclusives, EA claim innocence

By Alan Ng - Aug 30, 2013

While PS3 gamers who picked up Battlefield 3 would have been very happy with the timed-exclusivity for DLC expansion packs, it looks like the balance has well and truly been shifted in terms of Microsoft’s partnership with EA for next-gen Xbox One content compared to PS4.

When the Xbox One launches, gamers will have the benefit of a free EA FIFA 14 game to download without any catch, as well as an exclusive Ultimate Team Legends mode for the game too. Perhaps the most crucial bit of business between Microsoft and EA though, lies in the fact that Titanfall is not even going to be appearing on PlayStation platforms – Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC only.

Despite all of these eye-raising under the table agreements, EA has claimed their innocence by saying that they are still not taking sides between the two companies. In a recent interview, EA COO Peter Moore has said that the company are not favoring Microsoft and added that more deals specific with Sony’s PlayStation platforms could be announced in the future.

In the same interview though, Moore also conceded that Microsoft ‘had been very aggressive with them’, seemingly giving the impression that money certainly talks – the lack of Titanfall on PS3 and PS4 is a pretty big blow either way you look at it.

Actions obviously speak louder than words though and as the way things stand it certainly looks as if EA are on pretty good terms with Microsoft, compared to Sony. Let us know what you think of Peter Moore’s comments and whether you think EA are firmly in Microsoft’s pocket at the moment moving forward.

As a future PS4 owner, is Titanfall a big blow to you or not?

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  • Master Troll

    Well it looks like EA made some pretty bad predictions in the nex gen consoles time to save face…Sony is owning M$ and a free fifa game to Europe and titanfail will not save this PR disaster hopefully EA’s poor decisions to favor the xbox will result in a loss of revenue or job

  • Maverick Saturn

    But Microsoft throws money at everything, so who didn’t see this coming?

  • Lacerz

    Meh. I’ve pretty much written EA off. Titanfall looks like it will be fun, but if I really wanted to play it, I could just pick it up for the PC. It’s not a console mover.