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PES 2014 Vs FIFA 14: Licensing woes for Konami

FIFA 14 may be looking like the number one football game to own this year, but over on the other side of the pond it appears that Konami has run into a few problems regarding their release of PES 2014. Some football purists still view PES as the ‘best football simulation’ game available to play, but we have now learned that PES 2014 has run into significant licensing issues, resulting in a game without any Spanish stadiums on board.

That means of course, that you’ll have to endure playing as the likes of Barcelona and Real Madrid, but with some mock up version of the Nou Camp and Bernabeu respectively. It’s obviously a bitter pill to swallow for those who plan to use one of the Spanish teams as their primary team of choice, but Konami has wasted no time in saying that EA has been ‘extremely aggressive’ in order to secure licensing arrangements for FIFA 14.

Aside from no Spanish stadiums in PES 2014, a blog post written by PES community manager Adam Bhatti also reveals that several other major European stadiums will not make the cut either – due to the same licensing problems that EA has obviously secured before Konami.

To make matters worse, PES 2014 will not be shipping with a stadium editor either, so make sure you are aware of that if you are planning to opt with PES 2014 over FIFA 14 this year. With all this said and done though, Konami has said that they intend to ‘fight back’ against EA in order to secure relevant licensing for next year’s edition.

What do you make of EA snapping up all of the licensing deals, resulting in a lack of Spanish stadiums and other content missing from PES 2014? Do you think EA are being greedy on this occasion, or is it just a case of doing what’s best for business?



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