Nokia Lumia 521 hands-on with T-Mobile

By Marlon Votta - Aug 30, 2013

The Nokia Lumia 521 is a reasonably priced smartphone that some consumers may feel is too cheap to have any real longevity, and although some may feel this device is prone to fall apart or cease to work after a certain amount of time, we feel this budget phone could be an ideal purchase for those of you looking for a low price device.

Seen on the Home Shopping Network for $99, the Nokia Lumia 521 is a reasonably priced smartphone that could be just the bargain you were looking for, while those of you who are not convinced yet may find the video by pocketnowvideo below this post an insightful look at this product.

The brief video is nearly six minutes long and highlights some great bundles and deals available that could be enticing to the potential consumer. In fact, the presenter gives us the impression the Nokia Lumia 521 has a few features that actually allow it to compete with some of the higher end smartphones on the market.

This is just a brief hands-on perspective and we hope to see some more in-depth reviews and comparisons in the coming weeks. We would love to know your thoughts on the Nokia Lumia 521, and whether the video below has given you reason to contemplate this device as your next smartphone.

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  • Peter Paul Hoffman

    The Lumia 521 is a decent device, it’s build is solid, thin, practical..Current Windows phone users will appreciate the 521’s thin, light and generous 4 inch touch screen..Users who maybe considering changing to another mobile OS and want to do so cheaply as a means to check out the Windows phone 8 experience have an opportunity in the Lumia 521..The 521 is a great stand by, backup windows phone to Sim card up, turn on and put the high end Windows phone on standby..The phone does lack a front facing camera, but does have a 5 megapixal camera which is practical and serves the basic function..Power users who demand the top shelve devices who are in the market may want to check the Lumia 521 just to see the price point that the 521 offers in the form of the overall quality for the money…