GTA V soundtrack with download samplers

Earlier this week, we told you that significant details on the official GTA V soundtrack had been leaked, due to a rather embarrassing slip up by Sony. However, as we come to the close of another week and move closer to the September 17 release date, we’re pleased to see that Rockstar has now decided to unveil some official information on the types of music we can expect to see when the game is out.

You won’t need us to tell you that music is a massive part of GTA games and we can tell you that this will not be any different with GTA V. In fact, we now have confirmation that the soundtrack in GTA V will actually be breaking records – by featuring the largest number of tracks (240) as well as the largest score seen in a GTA game to date.

These 240 tracks are going to be split up between 15 radio stations, some of which we revealed to you as West Coast Classics. Now, we can tell you that West Coast Classics is going to be handled by none other than DJ Pooh, who you may be familiar with as a prominent record producer throughout the 90’s.

Rockstar has given an exclusive interview with Rolling Stone magazine, even going as far to offer some samples from some of the radio stations that are going to be featured in GTA V. There’s also confirmation that Mr Footloose himself, Kenny Loggins will be the DJ for the Classic Rock radio station – which we think is awesome.

Check out the full feature at Rolling Stones, the radio station previews and let us know how excited you are about the 240 track playlist that will be coming to GTA V. Music lovers are going to be in for a treat. We can’t imagine how many hours are going to be used just cruising around the streets of Los Santos listening to a particular radio station.

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