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BBM for Windows demanded after Android, iOS

We already know that BBM for Android and iOS is progressing, as we have already seen proof of this on the BlackBerry website. However, there seems to be a platform missing, and that is Windows, so why have we yet to hear anything in regard to this?

It was always going to happen, BBM for Windows being demanded after Android and iOS versions, but we should not be surprised that the Windows Phone 7 and 8 versions have been put on the back burner because the other two platforms are far more important to BlackBerry.

With the formation of BBM Inc., it stands to reason that BlackBerry will want to capitalize as much as possible and that would mean offering the service to all platforms, no matter if one of them has a far less market share.

BlackBerry had promised a BBM for Android and iPhone release this summer, but with just month to go, they had better get their act together. With this in mind, maybe we will see its launch in the next couple of weeks, or will be ready for when Apple release iOS 7?

It is clear Windows Phone users would like some BBM action as well.
It is clear Windows Phone users would like some BBM action as well.

This would make sense, because why create an app that would need to be updated once iOS 7 is released, so maybe BBM for those two platforms will be with us towards the end of September.

However, we still do not expect to see BBM for Windows Phone anytime soon, as there has been no suggestions from BlackBerry or Microsoft to confirm this.

If BlackBerry had any intention to offer Windows Phone support then they would have updated their official sign-up page. However, it still might happen, but BlackBerry could be playing the waiting game to see how well received BBM is for those other two platforms?

Why waste time and money if it does not prove a success by porting BBM onto those other platforms? It’s not like this has not happened before, just look how long with have had to wait for Instagram for Windows.



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